K. Michelle – Dark Shades and Headphones Mixtape REVIEW + FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

KMichelle_Dark_Shades_Headphones-front-largeArtist: K. Michelle
Title: Dark Shades and Headphones
Hood: Memphis, Tennessee USA/Los Angeles
Label: Warner Brothers
Genre(s): Hip-Hip, Rhythm & Blues
Released: February 12, 2013
You Will Like This If You Like: Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole
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VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop cast member, K. Michelle, is no stranger to the music industry.  Having collaborated with R. Kelly, Trina and Usher, she has achieved a decent amount during her career. One thing we do know is that this sister is a hustler and is working hard to make her dreams come true.  We applaud her for that.

In terms of the music, much of this project has the typical themes one would expect from a young singer working hard to make it in LA:  makin it, sex, clubs, relationships, etc.  From that standpoint, there isn’t a lot of new ground covered here.   Vocally, Michelle shines on slower sexy, NON AUTOTUNED ballads, where her passion for…um..love comes through.  She is a powerful singer at times and stays in her lane, which is more than we can say about a lot of singers.  Oh, yea, did we say this sister really loves sex!  :0)

Honestly, there are a few bright points on this album but we think more work needs to be done to find better songs which better complement the production, which is actually pretty solid on many tracks.  Unfortunately, at times, K. Michelle comes across as the stereotypical victimized angry Black Woman (“tired of footin’ these bills for you”) too many times for our taste.  That said, there’s something on here for everyone, even, surprisingly, Bruno Mars fans.  Listen and see what we mean.

1. No More
2. Put It In
3. Dark Shades & Headphones
4. How Many Times
5. Irrelevant
6. Kiss My Ass
7. Loosing It
8. Sweetest Love
9. When You’re Gone
10. MP3
11. Splurge Gang- K.O.D
12. Baby You And I
13. Love Killed Kurt-Project Building
14. Beautiful Girl

Rating:  B/B+

Favorite Tracks:  Put It In, How Many Times, Sweetest Love, When You’re Gone, Baby You and I, Beautiful Girl

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