Jasfly Presents The #DREAMMIX Vol.1 (Mixtape) FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD


From Vibe.com:

Everything great begins with a desire for something more…

Dreams can you take to the highest of highs or to the lowest of lows, however, when you believe in yourself anything is possible. Today, @Jasfly (writer/media personality) drops a piece of inspiration for everyone out there pushing to accomplish their goals. The #DREAMmix Volume One tape is comprised of some of the best and brightest from the world of entertainment including Common, Kendrick Lamar, Mona Scott-Young, Swizz Beatz, Ne-Yo, Pusha T and more. Every individual involved hand picked songs that helped along their life and career journeys. The goal is that you walk away with either something to inspire, enlighten, or entertain you.

What is The #DREAMmix?
Jasfly: Remember when you used to listen to the radio to record your favorite songs to cassette tape? Well the #DREAMmix is an homage to that.

Where did it come from?
I think it was Chuck Creekmur who posted a quote, ‘Learn what inspires those that inspire you.’ And that really stuck with me. I make playlists to meditate to and I was in my house one afternoon when the idea came, ‘I wonder what other people listen to when they need inspiration.’ And so I began finding out. A lot of the songs surprised me and it was challenging when we set out to sequence but in the end I think everyone came together to tell a story.

How did you pick the people involved?
I had an initial list, then I worked with my A&R on the project, Calvin Spann, to refine it. I didn’t want all obvious choices. I wanted people who evoke emotion – from the media darlings to the public whipping boy. I wanted to find out what keeps them going.

What do you want people to take away from The #DREAMmix?
I’m hoping that it either inspires you, exposes you to some new music, or even just allows you to spend some time with some old favorites. And if nothing else, understand that someone who’s not a DJ, some OG A&R, or some sister of a superstar put together this project based on an idea she had one afternoon two months ago. Anything is possible.

1. JasFly (Rebel) (Intro) (4:56)
2. DJ Khaled – Connector (0:34)
3. Andrienne Bailon – Evolver (6:03)
4. Kim Osorio – Fighter (4:33)
5. JasFly – Knowing Yourself (Interlude) (0:37)
6. Lowkey – Dreamer (4:05)
7. Pusha T – Soldier (5:12)
8. JasFly – Watch Your Energy (Interlude) (1:12)
9. Common – Poet (6:56)
10. Mona Scott-Young – Creator (3:30)
11. Swizz Beatz – Innovator (3:57)
12. Joe Budden – Entertainer (7:20)
13. JasFly – Fight For Yours (interlude) (4:08)
14. Elliot Wilson – Curator (5:10)
15. Ne-Yo – Storyteller (5:43)
16. Ariel Cherie – Student (4:52)
17. JasFly – Protect Your Dream (Interlude) (0:40)
18. Kendrick Lamar – Wordsmith (5:47)


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