MAESTRO – The History of House Music & NYC Club Culture FULL DOCUMENTARY

MaestroTitle: Maestro
Director: Josell Ramos
Writer: Josell Ramos
Stars: Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles
Released: February 22, 2003

We peeped this incredible British documentary from 2003 this weekend and couldn’t believe how much we thought we knew and had just scratched the surface of this incredible movement that changed the arc of music for the better. Enjoy!

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Maestro, tells the story of how a group of people found refuge and a call for life outside the mainstream. What evolved was a scene that set the ground work for what was to come in dance music culture worldwide, a rare insight into the secret underground world. It’s the first time this story is told in a motion Picture, included in the film are pioneer dance music DJs and producers, “founding fathers”, its center being Larry Levan, as well as high-profile DJs of today. Opting for a more personal and candid approach, MAESTRO shows the true history of the people through a realistic creative aesthetic. Tracing the underground’s dance origin, MAESTRO brings out a real understanding of this intense lifestyle, and the lives they lived and died for.