Happy Birthday Sade! + Rare Sade Playlist Mixtape


Anyone who has been following this community of music lovers knows we are HUGE fans of Sade.  We would like to wish her a very happy 54th birthday and hope her day is filled with as much joy as her music has provided all of us.  To celebrate, we have put together a playlist of rare Sade tunes for you to enjoy. Consider it the best Sade album you never heard. We love you Sade!

Sade Rare Playlist:
1) Spirit – B side to Smooth Operator (1984)
2) Red Eye – Single A-side to Smooth Operator (1984)
3) Killer Blow – from the movie, Absolute Beginners (1986)
4) Mum – Darfur Fundraiser (2011)
5) Please Send Me Someone to Love – Remake of Percy Mayfield song.  Appeared on the Best of Sade (2009)
6) Love Affair with Life – B-side to Your Love Is King (UK release) (1984)
7) Should I Love You – B-side to When Am I Going To Make a Living (1984)
8) Make Some RoomB Side to Nothing Can Come Between Us (1988)
9) Room 55 – B-side to Kiss of Life (1993)
10) Keep Hanging On (Live) – B-side to Never As Good As The First Time (1985)
11) Super Bien Total – B-side to Paradise (1988)
12) Snake Bite – Smooth Operator Single A side instrumental interlude (1984)
13) Sade with Alicia KeysLove is Stronger than Pride Live (2011)
14) Love is Stronger than Pride –  Live (2011)
15) Still in Love With You – from Ultimate Collection (2012)
16) Love is Found – from the Ultimate Collection (2012)
17) I Would Have Never Guessed – From Ultimate Collection (2012)
18) Moon and the Sky – Remix with Jay-Z from Ultimate Collection
19) By Your Side – Neptunes Remix (2009)

Our favorites:  Spirit, Killer Blow, Should I Love You

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