Marsha Ambrosius – Hors D’Oeuvres Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD


Artist: Marsha Ambrosius
Title: Hors D’Oeuvres
DJ: DJ Aktive
Released: December 13, 2012
Rating:  B+

As a prelude to her forthcoming LP, Lovers and Friends, British soul siren, Marsha Ambrosius delivers a open aural letter to her past relationships.  Hors D’Oeuvres  showcases her significant vocal abilities, which in some ways take a back seat to her songwriting, which envelopes you in her very emotional World.   This former Floetry lead singer who hit big recently with Far Away and Late Nights Early Mornings (one of the best Prince songs not sung or written by Prince)  certainly has a way with words and melodies best evidenced by Slow Motion, which clearly illustrates

The only downside to this project is its lack of diversity and the lack of a clear lead single or hit.  Most of the songs are slow, Quiet Storm cuts, all of which were solid, but we would have liked to get a taste of some of the mid/uptempo songs.  Hopefully Marsha was as inspired by the good times as she was with the bad.  We will have to wait to hear the full album to know for sure.   In either case, we are hopeful she has a song that will be as compelling as her most recent hits like Far Away.

That said, if this super sexy mixtape is the prelude, then she is seriously going to be going in on her new LP, which we are really anticipating more than ever now.  Solid Effort.

1. Interlude
2. Expect This Sh_T
3. Slow Motion
5. Summer

Favorite Tracks: Slow Motion, FCKINGITITOVAWID

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For those of you who are not as familiar with Marsha, check out some of our favorite songs featuring her:

Say Yes (with Floetry)
Far Away
Late Nights Early Morning

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