XV – Popular Culture Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + REVIEW

Artist: XV
Title: Popular Culture
Released: June 15, 2012
Producers: Various

We randomly come up on this mixtape and we love it. XV mixes witty rhymes and an incredible pop culture references (e.g. Simsons, Willy Wonka) to create one of the most refreshing hip hop albums we have heard in recent years.  There is topical variety in the lyrics and the production is on point from beginning to end and includes contemporary sounding beats and that classic boom bap that we love.   In terms of flow, XV has a unique flow and it is evident that he studied folks like Common, Pharcyde, Tribe, and even shades of Lupe Fiasco and even Drake.  In short, this is a wonderful departure from the overly cliche’d themes prevalent in most commercial hip hop.  They really make being square, smart, and not tied to someone else’s circle sound as great as it is.  We REALLY hope this album and group gets the shine they deserve.  COP THIS!

Grade:  A

Our Favorite Tracks:

Be There Be Square, Her Favorite Songs, Go On Without You, Wonkavator, Mary Kate & Ashley, Jedi Night, One of One

(the reality on this album is that there are no bad tracks, but the cuts above stood out.)

Peep this track (Be There) to get a sense of what this music is all about:

Download this XV Mixtape Popular Culture

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