Amerigo Gazaway (Gummy Soul) – Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + REVIEW

Title:  Bizarre Tribe:  A Quest to the Pharcyde Mixtape
DJ:  Amerigo Gazaway (Gummy Soul)
Produced by: Amerigo Gazaway
Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin
Location: Nashville, Tennessee USA
Released: September 13, 2012


Description from Bandcamp:

Join Gummy Soul’s Amerigo Gazaway as he embarks on a 55 minute “Quest to The Pharcyde”. Utilizing the original Jazz, Soul and Funk recordings sampled throughout A Tribe Called Quest’s extensive catalogue, Gazaway recreates classic productions – pairing his reinterpreted instrumentals with select vocals from West Coast “golden era” favorites, The Pharcyde.

This is simply incredible conceptually and in its execution.  By utilizing beats, samples, interview bits and stems,  Mr. Gazaway deftly combines two of hip hops greatest groups and albums into one stellar presentation that is a MUST LISTEN!   We enjoyed this from beginning to end and get a bit misty thinking about how insane these two albums were and how they both stand the test of time.   Until now, we couldn’t imagine liking these classics more, but now, we have to say this took us to a new level of appreciation.  Honestly, this just knocks and is on masterpiece level!

Rating: A+

ATCQ Vs. Pharcyde – Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To… by LovettaAdcock

Unfortunately, Sony has issues a cease and desist on this awesome project.  So the download is not available.  Read more here.

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