Teresa Jenee – Electric Yellow Album FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + Review by Ron Worthy

by Ron Worthy

We are out there every day looking for the newest and best up and coming singers and groups that have IT.  It has that soulful mix of groove, lyrics, production, performance…the whole package. When we find that, we feel like Thanksgiving and Halloween all rolled up in one.  This is exactly how we felt when we discovered this extremely well done album from Teresa jenee, who we learned about earlier this year.

Plain and simple, this joint moves me.  With a sexy free feel, this will have you bobbing your head whether behind the wheel, on the train or at the crib.  With jazzy inflections reminiscent of classic Fertile Ground coupled with a space age newness you get when you hear Erykah Badu or maybe even Little Dragon at times.  Get involved!  Period.  It will move you too.  No, it is not perfect but this artist needs to be heard.   This is why we do what we do.  We want more!

Artist:  Teresa Renee
Title:  Electric Yellow
From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Released by: Athena Music Group (2012)
Social: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bandcamp

Tracklist: (staff favorites in green)
1. caviar dream 04:18
2. hi america 02:06
3. electric yellow 03:05
4. discotrap 02:30
5. cleopatra love & war 05:30
6. ode to october 02:34
7. kissing u (des’ree cover) 02:19
8. romeo + juliet 04:28
9. tahitian vanilla 04:05
10. eroplane 04:38
11. ntrlde 01:57
12. timber 02:25
13. the storm (featuring black spade) 03:48
14. mathematics 04:29
15. peace of god 04:19

Grade: A  

Teresa Jenee Free MP3 Download

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