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Good News Earth GangGood News Earth Gang

Artist: EarthGang
Title:  Good News
Release Date: December 26, 2011
Produced By: EarthGang
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta hip-hop duo EarthGang has been bubbling in the indie scene for a couple of years now and sound nothing like the stereotypical rap that usually comes from the Southern city that is played on the radio. Good News is their third mixtape and is definitely worth listening to. Here’s a video of the duo performing at the legendary Apache Cafe in Atlanta, GA

1. Just Watch
2. Fairytale
3. Red Carpet (Extended) Feat. Hollywood JB
4. Weeen Shit Feat. Christoph
5. Home Training
6. BIG WIGGS Feat. Jid
7. That Wagon
8. Be The Move
9. Phone Keys Wallet (etc.)
10. Dream Machine 2.0
11. Having A Good Time
12. Who They Tryina Be
13. Marcus Garvey ENT
14. Deaf Dumb Blind Feat. Euro P. Gold
15. 12 Pack of Guinness

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