Gerald Walker – Believers Never Die Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Artist:  Gerald Walker
Title:  Believers Never Die
Release Date: April 16, 2012
Produced By: Gerald Walker and Cardo
From: Milwaukee, WI

1. Milwaukee
2. Believers Never Die
3. Zero To Sixty
4. Bulletproof Soul
5. ’87 Corvette Wishes
6. Um, Excuse Me!
7. Girl, Oh No He Didn’t!
8. Theme Music For My Real…
9. Slot-A Add-2 Voicemail (Interlude)
10. After The Kendrick Lamar Show
11. Some Things Never Wash Out
12. Scream
13. That Thing in Your Chest Doesn’t Beat. It Counts Down
14. Get Yours While You Can
15. A Part of Me
16. Clear
17. Bonus I’d Rather Make Mistakes Than Do Nothing At All


Gerald Walker decided to switch the formula up with his latest project “Believers Never Die.” Instead of being extremely introspective and pouring out the details of his journey of self-discovery, success, and spirituality, Mr. Walker decided to have a dialogue with his fans with “Believers Never Die.” Personally, I love the introspectiveness and hunger that I witnessed when I first heard “I Remember When this all Meant Something” mixtape (you should definitely go and check that and his whole catalog out!). Nonetheless, Mr. Walker artfully appeals to “a generation that seems to know it all” with this project. The potential, ambition, and purpose makes this an album definitely worth a listening to.
As a bonus for the soulhead community, Gerald Walker and I engaged in a dialogue about “Believers Never Die,” spirituality, success, and the madness taking place in Chicago this summer. Check out Part 1 of that conversation below!

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