Gilbere Forte – Eyes of Veritas Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Artist: Gilbere Forte
Title: Eyes of Veritas
Release Date: February 08, 2011
Produced By: Gilbere Forte’ & Rakib “Raak” Uddin
From: Philadelphia, PA

1. The Eyes
2. Veritas
3. The Exports (Featuring Emilio Rojas, Reek Da Villain, Murda Mook, and Joell Ortiz)
4. Born in ’87
5. Train Lights
6. Tonight (Featuring Sean Rose & Selina Carrera)
7. Karma (Featuring Droop-E and Raak)
8. Lights On (Featuring I-20)
9. Die For You
10. Unbreakable (Featuring Selina Carrera)
11. What They Talkin Bout (Featuring Peedi & Raak)
12. We Do This (Featuring Don Trip)
13. Time Life (Featuring Reese)
14. Ballot or the Bullet (Featuring G*Lee)
15. Three Words (Featuring Selina Carrera)

Review Excerpt by The Daily Princetonian:
Somehow I missed Gilbere Forte’s “87 Dreams” last year when it came out. When my girlfriend forced me to stop sleeping on him, I had 87 Dreams on repeat for a week. It was that good. When I saw he had released his latest effort, Eyes of Veritas, I expected more of the same: dope rhymes, original production, and distinct, catchy hooks. I got what I wanted. The tape’s production emanates a feel best described as coldness. The drums are straightforward and uncomplicated, but in the more electronic effects the production shines. Pounding, absurdly deep basslines drive the tape’s bangers. Distorted vocal samples play integral roles in the soundscapes. Other sounds are minimal but effective, leaving plenty of room for Gilbere to take the center stage.

Gilbere seizes the limelight. His rhyming cadence is just slightly off kilter from the norm, and his hooks stutter-step their way into the gaps in the beat, fitting in perfectly. The sing-song hooks get stuck in your head for days. Beyond the aesthetics of his vocal performance, however, is the subject matter. There are gloriously materialistic bangers that bang. But there are also a fair number of more reflective tracks that test Forte’s capabilities as a story-teller. “Three Words” is a prime example as the young Forte explores three of the most powerful words in the English language, “I love you.” Young rappers are a dime a dozen. Talent’s like Gilbere are a rarity. Take my word for it. So wake up to the man.

There’s a reason why this guy has been on a record with Kanye West, received co-signs from legends such as Mos Def, and has a mixtape hosted by Don Cannon…all without being signed. Forte’ has TALENT, and is quickly garnering a significantly sized fanbase. Check him out and become a believer.

For those of you who are not familiar with Gilbere, check out this video:
Gilbere Forte – Born in ’87


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