Artist:  M-Trey
Title:  3AM
Release Date: August 02, 2011
Executive Produced By: M-Trey, CJ The Genesis, and Jan Galvez
From: Chicago, ILTracklist: 
1. Believe In Me
2. No Time To Waste
3. Kiefer Suicide
4. Dichotomy
5. Centuries
6. Content
7. Twelve
8. A Chance
9. Nomad
10. We Will Not Become What We Mean To You
11. The Lonely Ones

Review Excerpt by 365 Albums A Year:
One thing I’ve learned about listening to music since I’ve been writing for this website is that my beliefs about what makes an album great can never be static. With that being said I took listening to 3AM keeping in mind the works that have preceded it. M-Trey, who also hosts 365 Albums a Year Radio, has built up a fine body of work consisting of standout albums Light Up the Darkness and Immaculate Dopeness, so I expected a work of similar nature and quality this time around. But just when I was subscribing to my sleepy expectations I was slapped and woken up to an awesomeness overdose. I’m afraid to admit it, but I’ve listened to less hip hop this year than any other year of my life of listening to music. This alone will work to change that. 3AM is an unexpected wake-up call that challenges you to channel your energy inwards, a lofty challenge for a generation of listeners that is used to projecting feelings outwards. More on that later.

This theme of unyielding introspection resonates throughout the entire album and made me want to find a reference point for where else this has been attempted. If you follow the evolutionary trail of hip hop lyricists you can pretty much trace every up and coming emcee to a predecessor. It probably wouldn’t take much time since hip hop is still fairly young and it gives some of you OCD hip hop fanatics a transitional account of some of the new breed of emcees by comparing with an older generation. However M-Trey’s performance here is difficult to pin down to any real comparison.

Hip hop has a way of broadcasting its inspirations in the form of sampling, name-dropping, and mixtape cover tracks that is unlike any other genre. This is one of the most celebrated qualities of hip hop, but M-Trey’s performance in 3AM flies in the face of it all. Instead, it’s a deep meditation into a psyche whose separate layers are all too familiar to listeners. This allows the emcee to convey nothing but pure thoughts and emotions and find solace in the comfort of a purely subjective realm.

Hard hitting beats, lyrical Chi-Town raps, combined with a soulful singing voice and a lot of honesty make up this tape. Check out the video for Centuries as well for a taste of this artists’ talent.

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