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Artist: Mingus Murray
Title: Mingus

By Ron Worthy

We are all at once excited and pissed to see a guy named Mingus Murray since ‘Mingus’ was at the top of my future kid’s name list. Oh well. Anyway, check out this unique looking and sounding cat that we just got hip to. Love to see folks expanding past the very narrow confines of what “Black” music is supposed to sound like.  He has been described as “the future.”  We’ve heard that before but we have an open mind about this artist and will be keeping an ear open for more.

Bio from MingusMurray.com:

Mingus Murray IS the evolution of Funk.

The only son of famed Jazz Saxophonist, David Murray, and renowned photographer, Ming Smith, Mingus is an immensely talented virtuoso: a self-contained Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer.

His sound embodies elements from past greats — the new wave eroticism of Prince, the rollicking haze of Hendrix, the feel good vibe of Sly, the organic soul of D’Angelo, the crossover rock appeal of Lenny and the syncopated sounds of J Dilla. Mingus’ musical menagerie culminates into a genre of its own, which he refers to as the aural form of Art Nouveau. His music is all things cool, sexual, electric, organic, smooth, energetic, progressive and original.

He recently released his first music offering appropriately entitled, “MINGUS,” which was entirely self-written and produced. The 8-song opus is comprised of an impressive and diverse mix of Funk, Blues, Rock and Alternative with an Urban music underlay. The project has been received extremely well from fans, fellow musicians and critics, including a stellar review by Okayplayer with a rating of 88.

A born entertainer, Mingus is poised to break up the monotony that has become commonplace in popular music. His artistry fills the void of progressive musicianship, edgy songwriting and aesthetic imagery in the mainstream of this new generation. Mingus is a blast from the past and a leap into the future. Join him on his musical journey.



Check out this lead single:

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