Wendy Williams’ Tearful Tribute to Whitney Houston on February 13, 2012 + 2 Part Interview with Whitney Houston from 2003

Those who are in the know can recall not too long again when then radio host, Wendy Williams, would simply go in on Whitney Houston for some of the alleged (and later confirmed) drug usage. And to be honest, at that point, we were all wondering how America’s soul pop sweetheart could really be committing the kinds of actions that the tabloids exploited constantly during that time. Anyway, on today’s The Wendy Williams show, Wendy, who has since moved from radio to a daily syndicated talk show, spoke a bit about her relationship with Whitney.

She reveals that although she never met Whitney in person, she shared many of the demons that beleaguered the nearly departed diva. Given Wendy’s tears, her tribute and recollections certainly seem heartfelt. Judge for yourself.

Here is Wendy’s previous interview with Whitney from Jan 30, 2003:
Part 1

Part 2

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