The Stuyvesants – The Finer Things Volume 1 FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Artist: The Stuyvesants
Title: The Finer Things, Volume 1
Release Date: October 17, 2011
Duration: 35:44

We are totally blown away by these cats who are literally down the street from the soulhead headquarters. To quote The Weeknd, we are “lovin’ the crew” for real. With a vibe reminiscent of Oddisee’s Rock Creek Park (mostly instrumental) joint, this is a must listen for any self respecting soulhead.  Brooklyn soul lives!

Check this quote from the Stuyvesant’s site:

Sonically we’re taking you on a completely different journey, however, the distinctive vibe of The Stuyvesants is still very present in the music! We truly appreciate all of the support for our movement thus far, and hope that you will enjoy this soundscape.


  1. I Care (More Than Words Can Say)
  2. Ready
  3. Girl, He Ain’t Me
  4. Strollin’
  5. Gut Check Soul
  6. Spank Love
  7. Good & Evil (Thoughts of the Mind)
  8. Sound of the Stuy
  9. Ewww (LaLaLa)
  10. Church Chants (Tabernacle)
  11. Interlude
  12. Sunny 78
  13. Down Halsey Street
  14. Tough Love (Because Love is Tough)
  15. Midnight Moves
  16. This Good
  17. Thinking Back (Those Days from the Past)
  18. Ragtop Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
  19. Victory
  20. Outro

Cop this NOW!!! These cats are really doing what needs to be done.

More about the Stuyvesants:

“The Stuyvesants” is a collaborative effort between music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt). Both reside in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The two wanted to work together on a project where they could incorporate several of their talents, related to music and design. They wanted to do this under a moniker that would pay homage to the ’70s. The collaboration allowed them to do four major things, design, beat dig, produce amazing music, and simply have fun.

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