Lil Wayne Mixtape “Sorry for the Wait” – FREE DOWNLOAD

We are pleased to announce the release of Lil Wayne’s new mixtape “Sorry for the Wait” free for download and streaming. Although he issued an apology for the delay, we are sure it will be worth the wait. In this era of mixtapes (thanks 50), we actually find it a bit endearing that he would apologize for releasing FREE music. Wow. Things have really changed.

Say what you want about Weezy, but we are on board.  We (and many in the soul music and classic hip hop community) were initially put off by his lyrics and general aesthetic, but over time, have been won over by his sheer talent and business acumen.  Mysogeny, violence and drug references (all of which are nothing new to hip hop) aside, this brother has the gift of gab in a BIG way.  We peeped his show in Jersey a couple of years ago and actually became fans.   Sure, his stream-of-conscious, metaphor driven style can be a bit erratic and not necessarily in the storytelling tradition of many golden era hip hop artists BUT we know from experience that not every MC has the ability to craft careful storylines and cinematic tales.  For every Slick Rick, you have a Greg Nice.  For every Ice Cube, you have a CL Smooth.  In either case, all the named MCs are classic with different flavors.  We have to admit it, but we love Lil Wayne not just for his music, but his tireless work ethic and prolific output. This brother lives and breaths hip hop.

In a recent article in XXL magazine, Lil Wayne (who was also on the cover) was quoted as saying “I’m not a situation rapper.  I don’t make songs.”  While this may be true, we are still fans and enjoy this cat’s music.

Download for free by clicking here.


Lil Wayne – “Sorry for the Wait” Mixtape

1.Tunechi’s Back
2.Rollin’ (Freestyle)
3.Throwed Off (Freestyle) feat. Gudda Gudda
4.Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5.Marvin’s Room (Freeestyle)
6.Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7.Grove St. Party (Freestyle) feat. Lil B
8.Racks (Freestyle)
9.Hands Up (My Last) (Freestyle)
10.Sorry 4 The Wait
11.Inkredible Remix (Freestyle) feat. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow
12.Run The World (Girls) (Freestyle)

Watch for Lil Wayne’s upcoming album, Tha Carter IV, out on August 29, 2011, Michael Jackson’s Birthday.

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