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Artist: Rahsaan Patterson
Song Title: Easier Said Than Done
Production: Jamey Jaz
Album: Bleuphoria
Label: Artistry Music
Album Release Date: July 19, 2011

We are proud to bring you new music by one of the most underrated but consistent voices in contemporary soul. Rahsaan Patterson hails from the Big Apple, New York City and has been bringing his gospel inflected vocal stylings, first to the underground and now to an ever expanding audience, since 1993. We are so proud to see such an incredible artist thrive and flourish in these times when much of the music is overprogrammed and oversung. Rahsaan is a rare breed in that he is clearly a musician and uses his voice in the groove like a musician uses their instrument.

We like (not love) this new song, ‘Easier Said than Done’. Upon first listen, we were not overly impressed with the simplistic digital feel of the production but Rahsaan’s vocals and lyrics made up for this initial bad taste. The production grows and becomes a bit more complex which helps tremendously. Solid work Mr. Patterson!  We are looking forward to hearing more of the album when it is released later this month.

In a recent interview on soulcialsista.com, Rahsaan spoke about the title of his upcoming album, Bleuphoria:

It just kind of came to me. In one aspect, it’s what you see when you see a picture of the world in shots of the world from outer space. It’s all that is encompassed in the world; us, the countries, the people, the spirits, religions, all that stuff. It’s kind of hard. Life can be hard, but it’s all we have. There’s still a euphoria there with love, sex, and intimacy and all the pleasures of the world kind of induce a euphoria. In one aspect that’s what it means.

Soulhead Rating:  7.5/10

Here are a couple of our favorite Rahsaan Patterson songs:

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