Jordin Sparks Wins American Idol 6/Melinda Doolittle Pissed!!!

soulhead wants to congratulate Jordin Sparks for her incredible win last night. She has been a favorite of this site for some time. We must confess that we really wanted Melinda Doolittle to take the whole thing. Week in and week out, Melinda tore the house down with one soulful rendition after another. However, towards the end, we knew that the same America who voted George Bush in would vote Melinda out. Unfortunately, we were proven right.

So this week, with our hearts a little hardened by Melinda’s departure, we couldn’t wait to see Jordin whoop Blake’s BS beatboxing routine once and for all. Everyone was there on Tuesday night including the previously ousted AI contestants. During the broadcast, there were many pans to and from the audience. However, during Jordin’s last song, “This is My Now”, the camera pans to the area where all the recent AI rejects were sitting. There they were chearing…Chris, Phil, the crowd….everyone….except Melinda.

Melinda Doolittle Looking Super Pissed

The look on Melinda’s face says it all. “I can’t believe that pretty, tall, light skinnded, heffa is up there and not me. I can’t wait to get my hands around her thr….” (but i digress) All of that cuteness and shyness gave way to a maniacal stare that was awkward enough for the Fox producers to quickly move back to Jordin.

Melinda, Soulhead feels you but don’t hate. Uplift your sister and be there for her. We know she didn’t really sing any real soul and you tore it down and stood toe to toe with Bebe and CeCe. We know you can raise the roof. Unfortunately, the show is American Idol and not Soul Idol. You will get yours but in the meantime, don’t be so obvious with your hatred and contempt. Put that energy into your music baby!

See the full performance here.  Melinda starts tripping about 1:37 into the video. [youtube=]

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