#LongPlayLove: Celebrating 15 Years of Erykah Badu’s ‘Mama’s Gun’ [FULL ALBUM STREAM]


By Justin Chadwick | @justin_chadwick

Happy 15th Anniversary to Erykah Badu’s second album Mama’s Gun, originally released November 21, 2000.

Bold and ambitious is the artist who names her first formal creative offering to the world after a fictitious philosophy that bears her adopted surname. When Erykah Badu (born Erica Wright) released her magical debut album Baduizm at the age of 25 in February of 1997, the visionary singer-songwriter did precisely that, and a radiant new soul star was born. Accusations of hubris against the music gods be damned, Badu’s grand introduction proved to be a divinely inspired statement of purpose firmly rooted not in its creator’s ego or self-righteousness, but in a more universally accessible spirituality and bohemian-cool consciousness. The Dallas-bred Badu would echo her nonpartisan ethos years later during an interview with Vibe Magazine, stating that “I am not a feminist. I am not a Black liberalist, Republican, Democrat. I am not anything. I’m human. I support things that have good intent and that I feel I vibrate with, that I resonate with.” Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: Celebrating 20 Years of The Pharcyde’s ‘Labcabincalifornia’ [FULL ALBUM STREAM]


By Justin Chadwick | @justin_chadwick

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Pharcyde’s sophomore album Labcabincalifornia, originally released November 14, 1995.

Today, my fellow soulheads, I present to you a story about the sophomore jinx. Or more accurately, a story about the perception of the infamous phenomenon. You’re familiar with the notion, I’m sure, whereby new artists come out of the gate blazing with their first critically and commercially applauded record, only to fall painfully flat with their follow-up effort. Everyone remembers Black Sheep’s masterful debut A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, right? How ‘bout their second LP Non-Fiction? Nope, didn’t think so. And don’t even get me started on Snoop Dogg’s Tha Doggfather or Puff Daddy’s Forever. So obviously the sophomore jinx—or slump or whatever you want to call it—can sometimes prove a fair assessment. Though in too many other cases, the term is floated way too liberally, devolving into lazy cliché. We’ll revisit the subject in a few moments. Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: Celebrating 15 Years of Slum Village’s ‘Fantastic, Vol. 2’ [FULL ALBUM STREAM]


By Justin Chadwick | @justin_chadwick

Happy 15th Anniversary to Slum Village’s Fantastic, Vol. 2 LP, originally released June 13, 2000.

Much like my own hometown of Oakland, the city of Detroit is more often than not the object of stigmatization and misunderstanding. Particularly so among those who have never actually spent much time there and condemn Detroit based on the information they passively digest through television or in the papers. Granted, since the city’s more prosperous years of the early to mid 20th century, Detroit’s recent history has proven a tragically disquieting one. Plagued by a tidal wave of economic crisis and urban decay arguably more pronounced than any other US metropolis has endured in the past fifty years, Detroit is indeed a skeleton of its formerly virile self. Read more of this post

Hear Slum Village’s New LP ‘YES!’ Prior to Next Week’s Official Release [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @slumvillage @T3sv @YoungRJDetroit @OfficialJDilla1


Detroit hip-hop trio Slum Village is set to release their highly-anticipated eighth studio album YES! this Tuesday, June 16th, and they’ve magnanimously blessed us with an early sneak-peek.

The 12-song set features the rousing rhymes of T3 and Young RJ, the production wizardry of the late great J Dilla on nine tracks (four of which are co-produced by Young RJ), plus stellar collaborations with De La Soul, Bilal, Phife Dawg, Black Milk, Jon Connor, BJ the Chicago Kid, Illa J and J Ivy. Read more of this post

Common – Nobody’s Smiling Album Review by Ericka Blount Danois @ErickaBlount @common #AlbumReview #NobodysSmiling

Common - Nobody's Smiling Album Review by Ericka Blount Danois @ErickaBlount @common

According to Common, “Nobody’s Smiling,” is an introspective call to action to the violence destroying Chicago’s streets. The album’s success is predicated on the ease with which Common and producer No ID alternate from dark tone and slick, mesmerizing production on sure-to-be hits like “Blak Majik” featuring R&B “it girl” Jhene Aiko and easygoing club and radio-ready tracks like “Real” featuring Elijah Blake. Read more of this post

#GetInvolved Celebrate ‘Dilla Day Detroit” On Friday February 7th, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan @OfficialJDilla1

#GetInvolved Celebrate 'Dilla Day Detroit" On Friday February 7th, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan @OfficialJDilla1

Earlier this week, we bought you an amazing new song, #Dear Dilla by Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest in tribute to J Dilla. Now, we are pleased to share news of this awesome event that came across our desk.

On Friday February 7th, 2014, Detroit will host the beginning of a worldwide celebration of the life of James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey. ‘Dilla Day Detroit 2014’ will feature live performances from a host of internationally acclaimed artists.

James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey succumbed to Lupus in 2006 at the age of 32. After his untimely passing, the Detroit Free Press, MTV.com, Source Magazine, Los Angeles Times and countless others published articles which hailed his short career of 12-years as one of the most prolific in the history of Hip-Hop. From his work on chart topping singles for Common, The Roots, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson, etc. to his own genre redefining solo releases, J Dilla’s work as a true innovator continues to inspire nearly eight-years after his death.

This year’s ‘Dilla Day Detroit ’ concert coincides with J Dilla’s birthday and enlists several Hip-Hop legends to pay tribute. DJ Premier and Pete Rock will battle and anchor the wheels of steel for ‘Dilla Day Detroit’ and De La Soul and Slum Village, two groups which are pillars of Hip-Hop culture will also be performing, as well as Guilty Simpson and Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest will be in attendance to debut the video for his new single ‘#DearDilla’ and the event will be hosted by Ro Spit and Grap Luva, More performing artists will be announced soon.

For more information, email yanceymediagroup@gmail.com.


Phife Dawg – #Dear Dilla ( Prod By Don ) @iamthephifer FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + FULL STREAM

Phife Dawg - #Dear Dilla ( Prod By Don ) @iamthephifer FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + FULL STREAM
Artist: Phife of A Tribe Called Quest
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: Smokin Needles Records
Producer: DJ Rasta Roots
Released: January 20, 2014

We are super excited to deliver this amazingly emotional ode to super producer J. Dilla by A Tribe Called Quest‘s Phife Dawg. Having seen the last performance by ATKQ as the opener for Kanye West during his stop at Madison Square Garden in New York City, we were unsure of the future of this legendary MC. Although putting in a stellar effort at the Yeezus show, Phife was visibly fatigued during some of the more uptempo Tribe joints. We are happy to see that this brother is still doing it big and we definitely support.

More from WhiteLabel.net:
#dearDilla is an open letter to his long time friend and producer, the legendary j Dilla (James Dewitt Yancey), who passed away on 2006 from complications of a rare blood disorder. With a soundscape created by Dj Rasta Root, Phife talks to Dilla about the current state of music and how much he and his work are missed. Read more of this post

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – The Abstract & The Dragon FULL ALBUM MP3 DOWNLOAD

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – The Abstract & The Dragon FULL ALBUM MP3 DOWNLOAD

THIS IS EPIC!!! Leaning on the graphic style of A Tribe Called Quests’, Low End Theory, these two hip hop legends combine to create what we hope is a classic.  Enjoy.


01 – Intro
02 – God Lives Through
03 – Gettin’ Up (DJ Scratch Remix)
04 – Steppin’ It Up
05 – Thank You (Kid Capri Remix)
06 – Always Add On (Interlude)
07 – The Abstract & The Dragon
08 – Wild Hot
09 – Speaks (Skit)
10 – One Two sh*t
11 – We Taking Off
12 – Renaissance Rap (Remix)
13 – Get Down
14 – Butch & Sundance
15 – Speaks (Skit)
16 – Pardon My Ways (ELE 2 Exclusive)
17 – Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming (Skit)
18 – For The Nasty
19 – Come On Down (Skit)
20 – Come On Down
21 – J Dilla (Skit)
22 – You Can’t Hold The Torch
23 – Lightworks
24 – Chris Lighty (Skit)
25 – Vivrant Thing
26 – Ill Vibe
27 – Scenario
28 – Scenario (Remix)




Bilal – The Retrospective Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + FULL STREAM Curated by Vikter Duplaix

Artist: Bilal
Title: The Retrospective Mixtape (curated by Vikter Duplaix)
Genre(s): Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Electronica
You Will Like This If You Like DeAngelo, Erykah Badu, DAM Funk
Released: December 10, 2012

Rating:  A

Check out neo soul singer Bilal‘s new mixtape ‘The Retrospection’, looking back on his career and curated by Master of the Mix runner up Vikter Duplaix. The Brooklyn based artist, who is best known for his classic anthem praising Black women, Soul Sista, Read more of this post

Erykah Badu – Wise Words Spoken Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + REVIEW

Artist: Erykah Badu
Title: Wise Words Spoken Mixtape
DJ/Producer: KMTIC Slim
Hood: Dallas, Texas USA
Released: March 8, 2010

Although this rare mixtape by neo soul queen Erykah Badu was released a little while back, it still bangs. Including some rarities, hits and remixes, it satisfies even the most hardcore soulhead. Roll up those windows and cruise with this one.  If you are a die hard, you may have heard most of this, but the arrangement and curation by KMTIC Slim is worth the time for sure.  Enjoy!

Grade: A

Read more of this post

Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def – Sunshine Screwface FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Title: Sunshine Screwface
Artist: Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def
Produced by: J. Dilla
Released by: Nova Radio Station, Paris, France
Release Date: March 2012

Brilliance all around. No need for more words.

Yasiin Bey/Mos Def Bio from AllMusic.com:

Initially regarded as one of the most promising rappers to emerge in the late ’90s, Mos Def turned to acting in subsequent years as music became a secondary concern for him. He did release new music from time to time, including albums such as The New Danger (2004), but his output was erratic and seemingly governed by whim. Mos Def nonetheless continued to draw attention, especially from critics and underground rap fans, and his classic breakthrough albums — Black Star (1998), a collaboration with Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek; and Black on Both Sides (1999), his solo debut — continued to be revered, all the more so as time marched forward. Mos Def often used his renown for political purposes, protesting in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Jena Six incident in 2007, for instance. Read more of this post