Goapele Calls Out the Fellas with “Hey Boy” @Goapele

Goapele Calls Out the Fellas with Hey Boy

California soul music is holding strong, in large part due to Goapele‘s magical voice. This reckoning force in the industry has released her latest single “Hey Boy”. A bit more up beat and laced with modernity, this single is a bit different from what we expect when we think of the “Closer” singer. But we love all of the subtlety seductive electric swirl of this song. Stream the track below!
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Rare Tapes of The Wailers Catch a Fire Album [RARE STREAM]

Rare Tapes of the Wailers

It is because of Bob Marley and The Wailers that reggae is a potent music form in the U.S. today. Their unmistakable sound has been stateside for almost fifty years when they first released The Wailing Wailers. Their popularity would continue to flourish and build to feverish heights with the release of the spirited Catch a FireThis stream provides you with the demo version of some of those songs from the album. While some of the songs sound pretty close to their edited version, this is undeniably a cool piece of musical history!
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In Memoriam : Minnie Ripperton 11/08/47 – 07/12/79 [FULL SONG STREAM]

In Memoriam : Minnie Ripperton

The soul songbird, Minnie Ripperton‘s sprightly voice has made many of us swoon and sway thousands of times over. Her impossible notes on “Loving You” might have solidified her as a star, but her voice already made her a soul dream come true. Today, we celebrate the life of this Chicago native, who’s light was snubbed far too soon by the effects of cancer.

Honoring her memory, we present this collection of songs of hers that you likely have never heard. Beginning with “Les Fleurs”, you can follow this link to all of the other tracks on on the Come to My Garden album. Celebrate this unsung legend with us!
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Mystic Blu – I AM [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @MysticBlu223

Mystic Blu - I AM

Real R&B is such a rare and special treat these days. Mystic Blu is a true artist of this day and age who represents a new guard R&B song. As her name suggests, she has a mystical quality about her music that seamlessly blends together soul, indie music, with a taste of hip hop. Her debut album, entitled I AM, is replete with beautiful sounds. You can stream the whole project here and if you dig it (as we know you will!) then support the artist with a purchase!
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Luke James Performs “Options” at SOBs [FULL VIDEO] @whoisLukeJames

Luke James Performs Options at SOBs

Luke James traveled to SOBs- the place where “legends are made”- to perform his latest single, “Options”.  He is using the summer to promote the upcoming release of his official solo album- the self-entitled Luke James- this September. Enjoy this video our soulhead.com Top Artist to Watch of 2014 and see exactly why we are captivated by him. The man puts on a show!

Full video below. Credits to VIBE for capturing it!
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Controversy Over New Jimi Hendrix Biopic @John_Ridley

Controversy Over New Jimi Hendrix Biopic

Controversy Over New Jimi Hendrix Biopic

After announcing the upcoming UK premiere of Jimi : All is By My Side biopic of Jimi Hendrix, it has come to light that there are distasteful and highly problematic scenes in the film that misrepresent the rock legend. Particularly, it is the relationship between Hendrix and his long-term girlfriend at the time, Kathy Etchingham.

For whatever reason, writer and director John C. Ridley decided to paint Hendrix and Etchingham as having had a tumultuous relationship that featured violence and abuse. Etchingham has denied this portrayal and is speaking out against this. In an astute point, going beyond her own personal defamation, Etchingham raises her discomfort with the use of domestic violence as a point of entertainment. We too question Ridley’s use of it and would much rather see an exploration of the musical genius of Hendrix.

It seems that the 12 Years A Slave writer is forever mired in controversy!  Though it is understood that the filmmakers exercised their First Amendment Rights, it still seems a bit defamatory to write abuse into someone’s life.  We just hope to see a more honest portrayal of the great Jimi Hendrix.

Future and Nicki Minaj are “Rockstars” [FULL DOWNLEAD + STREAM] @1future @nickiminaj

Future and Nicki Minaj are Rockstars

Capturing the spirit of the times, Future has released this new track with the current reigning female MC, Nicki Minaj. “Rockstar” is a track that features heavy bass and DJ scratching. It is declarative and audacious in character. And the savvy listener will notice the notes of  Luther Vandross’ “Superstar (Don’t You Remember)” . You can both listen to the track and stream it here!
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B.o.B. No Genre 2 [FULL DOWNLOAD] @BobATL

B.o.B. No Genre 2

As of late, B.o.B. has been charting very well in the hip-pop, Top 40 scene. However, this mixtape reminds us that above all, he is a musician. No Genre 2 is a compilation of soulmusic that shows all of the many influences that have made Bob who he is today. Beginning the tape with some obligatory rap influenced beats, he also includes some rock oriented tracks.  The mixtape has brought in artists such as T.I., Ty Dolla $ign and Sevyn Streeter. You can download the full mixtape below.
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Pre-Order Chuck Brown’s Final Album [ALBUM PREVIEW VIDEO] @pledgemusic

Pre-Order Chuck Brown's Final Album

Pre-Order Chuck Brown‘s Final Album
The Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown has been departed from us for over two years now. And while his presence is sorely missed, his music still exists for our consumption and enjoyment. In 2011, the artist began producing and recording what would become his final album. The LP is soon to be released but can be pre-ordered with this link. Reconnect with Chuck Brown and be amazed by his many wonderful talents. Also, when you click the link, see a preview of the album.

Be One of “The Followers” – New Wale Song [FULL STREAM] @wale

Be One of The Followes - New Wale Song

Wale has just released a new track and it is beautifully done. “The Followers” invites listeners to join Wale on this sort of existential journey. The song is most likely a subtle all call to convince hiphopheads to be devoted Wale fans, but like a well written song, the lyrics are fairly universal and can be applied to many situations. The production is well crafted with understated drum snares, muted-underwater tones, and a splice in of a comical, yet motivational movement from Seinfeld. You can stream the full track below!
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Contribute Now! Miles Ahead a Miles Davis Biopic by Don Cheadle [FULL VIDEO] @IamDonCheadle @MilesAheadFilm

Miles Ahead a Miles Davis Biopic by Don Cheadle

This makes for pleasant news! Expressing his love for the legendary musician Miles Davis, Don Cheadle is making his directorial debut in the film Miles Ahead. This coming biopic about Miles Davis will feature Don Cheadle in the title role and Ewan McGregor as a supporting actor. Cheadle has also announced that both Herbie Hancock and Robert Glasper are on board as consultants and composers for this extraordinary work. And if that is not enough, Cheadle hints at a long litany of potential collaborators, including Nas, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar.

In order to make this biopic a reality, Cheadle has turned to IndigeGoGo. Feel free to contribute to the campaign so we can watch this glorious art of “social music” come to life. Watch the full Campaign trailer below!
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Vivian Green Returns with “Get Right Back to My Baby” [FULL STREAM] @iamviviangreen @DrPostAlot

Vivian Green Returns with Get Right Back to My Baby

One of the most prominent voice of early 2000′s R&B comes exploding back on to the scene with this song meant for summer jamming. Vivian Green sings over a beat influenced by Frankie Beverly & Maze “Before I Let Go”, boldly declaring that she wants to be right back in the embrace of her lover. You can stream the full song below! And we would like to thank soulhead @DrPostAlot for the recommendation.
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@Usher – She Came To Give It To You ft. @NickiMinaj and @Pharrell

Solid new track from Usher featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams.  Get used to hearing this. Read more of this post

Metta World Peace Says “Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad” [FULL STREAM + DOWNLOAD] @MettaWorldPeace

Metta World Peace Says Thanks Mom Thanks Dad

While the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration season may be behind us, it’s always a good time to show appreciation to your parents. That’s what Metta World Peace seems to believe! The former NBA sensation known as Ron Artest, has been exploring his off the court talents. Most recently adored for his faux-news anchor sketch on Key & Peele, World Peace has taken to rapping. The song “Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad” has an impressive cadence, and shows that World Peace does have bars. While he might not be making a full career out of rapping, we are glad to hear this song of praise and tough love from World Peace to his parents.

Dig the full song below by streaming it and downloading it!
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All Star Gospel Tribute to Yolanda Adams [FULL VIDEO] @EssenceFest

All Star Gospel Tribute to Yolanda Adams

The weekend would have been incomplete without acknowledging one of soul music’s most prominent branch; gospel. During Essence Fest, Gospel artists of all ilks- from traditional, Southern choir styles, to modern hip-hop influenced artists- got together to sing the praises of the Lord and Yolanda Adams. With Yolanda Adams being an unparalleled voice in the gospel music industry for nearly two decades, it comes as no surprise that she would be honored in such a way at this, the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Essence Festival. The performances include The Walls Group, Kim Burrell, and Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell.

Watch the full video below. Be sure to tune in at 52:50
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Marsha Ambrosius Delivers During Superlounge Show @EssenceFest [FULL VIDEO] @MarshaAmbrosius

Marsha Ambrosius Delivers During Superlounge Show @EssenceFest

As Essence Music Festival rolled on, another act we were delighted to hear from was Marsha Ambrosius. Witty and lyrical, we love Marsha because she can slam us with some funky realness, arouse us with colorful language, or simply give us straight up heavely soul music! This show is a mix of all of the three and it does not disappoint! In addition to the performance, the Liverpol native also mentioned the coming release of her new album, Friends and Lovers, Obviously, we will be ready!

See the full performance video below. Be sure to start it at 36:42!
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Summer BBQ Playlist [FULL PLAYLIST] #4thofJuly


While you are firing up the grill and enjoying good time with loved ones, tune into this soul playlist for your backyard BBQ! Voyaging through the generations from Marvin Gaye to Kanye, from Donna Summer to Beyonce, this is over 3 hours of good, soul-filled fun!

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Prince Wants to “Walk in Sand” With You [NEW PRINCE SONG + LYRICS] @3rdEyeGirl @3rdEyeBoy @zaheerali @futhermucker @ronworthy @essencefest

Prince Wants to

Just a head of his highly anticipated performance at the Essence Festival tomorrow night, His Purple Majesty, Prince Rogers Nelson has released a new song. “Walk in Sand” is an evocative ballad, simple in its essence. With most of the song sung in a signature Prince falsetto, he harmonizes with himself to give the vocal arrangement depth. The instrumentation replaces the expected heavy funk beats, instead of opting for a more traditional R&B sound.

Truly a classic Prince record, this is the sound that delights all matters of soulheads, from Prince neophytes to Prince experts, like Miles Marshall Lewis and Zaheer Ali. “Walk in Sand” transports us to a simpler time in music, where the strength of the song were rooted in fundamentals: voice and instruments.

Listen to the full song and the view the lyrics below!
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Anushka Invites You To Tear Down the “Mansions” [FULL VIDEO] @brownswood @gillespeterson @AnushkaUK

Anushka Invites You to Tear Down the Mansions

Come to the place where electro meets soul.  A duo on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recording, Anushka wants us to have fun in this rhapsodic number. “Mansions” is full of audio reverie, and the music video adds a level of giving in to the fun. The combination of the slow EDM wind from producer Max Wheeler with the flirty, siren voice of Victoria Port makes this song a true summer night anthem.

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The Big Payback Vol. 3 Amerigo Gazaway @amerigo615

The Big Payback Vol 3 Amerigo Gazaway

Amerigo Gazaway is back cooking up great mixes!

This time around, Amerigo takes on James Brown in The Big Payback Vol. 3. In the third and latest offering from “The Big Payback” summer mix-series, the producer follows the endlessly awesome first and second volumes from the legendary DJ Scratch and master craftsman, J. Period.

Bringing together a fantasy league of all-stars for his “J.B. and The Soul Mates” tribute concept, the producer’s latest re-imagines Brown’s funkiest grooves with guest appearances from Bob Marley, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Fela Kuti, The Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, and more.
Dig the whole album here with a free download.

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