@Snoop Dogg and @ImCharlie Wilson – Peaches and Cream Produced by @Pharrell Williams [FULL STREAM]

Snoop Dogg, Uncle Charlie Wilson and Pharrell combined for the classic “Beautiful” years back and now they are back at it.   Fresh off of a 7MM+ verdict against him in the Blurred Lines drama, Pharrell lays a dope laid back track that is ideal for Snoops flow and Uncle Charlie’s vocal embellishments.    We really dig this joint. Read more of this post

Letoya Luckett & T.I. Team Up For The Latest Single Off Her Upcoming Album ‘Until Then’ [FULL STREAM]



Letoya Luckett & T.I. Team Up For The Latest Single Off Her Upcoming Album ‘Until Then.’ The track, titled “Don’t Make Me Wait,” originally released last year as a teaser for Letoya’s third solo studio album, which is set to release later this year. This time around, King of the South T.I. has decided to contribute a verse to Luckett’s single. The timing of this collaboration could not have been better, since the former Destiny’s Child member plans to release her album in the coming months, and T.I. very recently confirmed a sequel to the movie ATL.

Check out “Don’t Make Me Wait” Here!


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NEW MUSIC From Sango & SPZRKT Does Not Disappoint @Sangobeats @SPZRKT



New Music From Sango & SPZRKT does not disappoint. When Sango & SPZRKT first collaborated on JMK and Used To The Melody, they made it clear that we should expect nothing but quality music whenever these two get together. Recently, they dropped a joint-EP titled “Hours Spent Loving You.” The chill-sounding tracks are driven by Sango’s producing skills and complimented well by SPZRKT’s vocals.

This song right here titled “How Do You Love Meis our favorite of the bunch.

Check it out!

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Krs. Has A Knack For Flipping These New Drake Tracks @producedbykrs


DJ Krs. has a knack for flipping these new Drake Tracks. There isn’t much out there on Krs. other than his Soundcloud and Twitter pages. His soundcloud, however, definitely speaks for itself. Since the release of Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” Krs. has taken to the studio to add his own twist to “Company” and “Jungle.” The remixes give the originals a run for their money.

Have a Listen!


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soulhead Top 10 Favorite Tracks from NPR Music’s “The Austin 100” SXSW 2015 Playlist @nprmusic @sxsw


In just a few weeks, tens of thousands of musicians, record industry executives, and diehard music fans alike will make the annual pilgrimage to the undisputed mecca of music discovery: Austin, TX. Celebrating its 29th year, Austin’s South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW®) is a veritable paradise for music lovers and professionals, with thousands of live performances to feast one’s ears and eyes upon. Read more of this post

Sammus – M’other Brain FULL ALBUM STREAM @sammusmusic #ICYMI

Although we missed this joint when it first came out in 2012, we must thank soulhead Akiima Price for hipping us to this inspired, funky and fun to listen to LP by a very positive sister who can rock that mic!  Kudos Sammus!  Enjoy this one for sure.


More about Sammus:

M’other Brain is a 13-track audio game that depicts the epic story of Sammus, the upstate-NY scholar, former teacher, intellectual bounty hunter, producer, rapper and visual artist in search of M’other Brain. This experience takes you through the twisted, cavernous tunnels of M’other Brain’s hideaway, where Sammus must battle everything from monsters to her own insecurities. Grab your power glove, some good headphones and close your eyes. You are now entering M’other Brain’s world.

#LongPlayLove: Blackalicious’ Nia – Celebrating 15 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @blackalicious_ @ChiefXcel @realgiftofgab

Happy 15th Birthday to Blackalicious’ debut LP Nia, originally released February 29, 2000.

Nearly 20 years ago, during my sophomore year at UCLA, I was fortunate enough to complement my studies with an extra-curricular activity that could not have been more perfectly designed for my interests. I volunteered for the student-managed Cultural Affairs Commission, an organization primarily renowned for its annual JazzReggae Festival that draws thousands of music heads to campus each year and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016.  As its Director of Hip-Hop Concerts, I organized and promoted a series of free performances on campus, and the experience was my first formal foray into the business of music, a career that I would continue to develop during and after my time in Westwood. Read more of this post

Kanye West Feat. Travis Scott – All Day (FULL STREAM) @kanyewest @travisporter

According to Complex mag, this is one important song. Could be. What do you think?

John Legend & Common Speak, Perform With Conviction [FULL VIDEO] @johnlegend @common

John Legend and Common Speak, Perform with Conviction

John Legend & Common Speak, Perform With Conviction

Ever since we first heard the song early this year, “Glory” has been soulhead.com’s favorite thing about this year’s Oscar campaign season. Inspired by the powerful Selma, and freshly off the early campaigns of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the song has voiced the animus of the age.

But more than just a song, Mr. Legend and Mr. Common Sense used their platform as the latest hip-hop generation Academy Award winners to speak out on the tragic ills of the modern prison-industrial complex. Their speech was an act of resistance and one to be commended. Watch both the stirring performance and the enlightening victory speech below.
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King B N J M N Flips Chris McClenney’s “Lady” [FULL STREAM] @KINGBNJMN

rt Ko






King BNJMN flips Chris McClenney’s “Lady.” King BNJMN is a talented producer from the island of Jamaica. His debut project Wanderlust released this past July and included remixes of artists like SZA, Tinashe, and Ciara. His latest work is an ultra-smooth flip of Chris McClenney’s recently released track “Lady.” For the sake of comparison, we’ve added the original too, which delivers a more raw, straightforward harmony of piano and vocals.


B N J M N Flips Chris McClenney’s “Lady”


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#LongPlayLove: Tricky’s Maxinquaye – Celebrating 20 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @KnowleWestboy @MartinaTB


Happy 20th Birthday to Tricky’s debut album Maxinquaye, originally released February 20, 1995.

In the summer of 1998, I travelled to – and fell madly in love with – England for the first time. While I spent most of my time discovering as much of London as I could in an all-too-short week’s time, I also had the pleasure of roadtripping it to a handful of lovely towns beyond the capital. Bath, Brighton, and York were some of the more memorable cities I visited, and I even made it up to Edinburgh, Scotland, which I enjoyed very much. And while each of these places satisfied whatever touristy urges I was feeling at the time, one town I visited had particularly special appeal for me: Bristol. Read more of this post

Tom Misch x Amy Winehouse Make Smooth Remix of “Rehab” [FULL STREAM] @TomMisch



Tom Misch and Amy Winehouse make for a smooth remix of “Rehab.” Tom Misch was featured on our Playlist of Dope Songs you might have missed last year, and he’s back in 2015 with some more soulful sound for the ears. The London-based producer has a knack for revamping classics with a refreshing, jazzy sound. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is that fact that he’s only 19.


Check out Tom Misch’s Remix of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”


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Willie Hutch Gets a Modern Update from Producer faruhdey

Willie Hutch Gets a Morden Update from Producer faruhdey

Willie Hutch Gets a Modern Update from Producer faruhdey

The great producer of soul music gets a lot of love with this new album Willie from beatmaker, faruhdey. Distilling the essence of what made Hutch a brilliant producer, faruhdey uses Hutch’s music as a base for something that is decidedly fresh and decisively modern.
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At Last! New Music From Chance the Rapper [FULL STREAM] @chancetherapper



At Last! New Music From Chance the Rapper. Ever since the Chicago rapper dropped Acid Rap almost two years ago, he’s spent most of his time on tour with his band, the Social Experiment, and dabbling in other artistic mediums like short films. Occasionally, however, he shares some of his music with the masses. This past Valentine’s Day was one of those occasions, as Chance dropped “Lady Friend.” In true Chance fashion, there’s some singing, saxophoning, and unique flowing.

Check out the latest release from Chance The Rapper, “Lady Friend”


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ICYMI: NYC Vocalist Kiah Victoria Is Coming Up Fast, And Rightfully So [Full Stream] @kiahvictoria

Vocalist Kiah Victoria Is Coming Up Fast, And Rightfully So.

R&B artist Kiah Victoria hails from the great New York City. Thus far in her young career, the singer has been an MTV College Woodie nominee, traveled around the globe, and earned a feature in Jay-Z‘s “Picasso Baby” short film.  Not to mention that at age 10, Kiah Victoria starred in the Broadway playThe Lion King” as the young Nala.

The last milestone in her career came with the release of her  “Gravitate” EP, which released in November of 2013. As the wait continues for another project from Ms. Victoria, what better time than now to familiarize yourself with this talented young artist? Check out our favorite tracks from her debut EP “Gravitate.”


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ELHAE’s Aura EP Is Here [FULL STREAM] @elhae

ELHAE's Aura EP Is Here

ELHAE’s Aura EP Is Here. ELHAE came up on our radar with the release of his last single “Halfway Love.” The Atlanta Rapper/Singer/Producer brings a nice style to the table. His sound is predicated off of production and sampling, while his lyrics seem to be more of a compliment than a focus. His debut EP “Aura” is most definitely a refreshing sound from a young artist. The slow-paced collection of sounds, samples, singing and rapping is nice to throw on, sit down, and vibe to.

Check it out for yourself!

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Lydia René – Vintage Heart FULL ALBUM @lydia_rene

Music and artists like this is why we are motivated to continue.  Blessed with wonderfully expressive vocal gifts, Lydia René stretches out on this one.  She combines confident vocal chops with impressive song writing to deliver one very enjoyable listen.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of what you hear on the radio, you MUST take time out to listen to this.   Her sound is nestled somewhere between Ledisi and Jill Scott, which is a great place to be. Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: Amel Larrieux’s Infinite Possibilities – Celebrating 15 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @amellarrieux


Happy 15th Birthday to Amel Larrieux’s debut album Infinite Possibilities, originally released February 15, 2000.

Nearly twenty years ago, a fundamental paradigm shift occurred within contemporary soul music, signaling what would arguably become the most vibrant and artistically fruitful period the genre has experienced in the past two decades. Having achieved mainstream popularity in a remarkably short amount of time, the new jack swing era of the late 1980s and early 1990s reached its inevitable stagnation point by the mid-1990s. In its wake, a new musical movement surfaced: neo-soul. Read more of this post

Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late FULL ALBUM STREAM @Drake

Drake pulled a Beyonce and just dropped this new joint out of nowhere. Peep it with us. Read more of this post

Fantastic Negrito – Fantastic Negrito @xavierblackball

Bluesy and moody, this artist deserves to be heard. We really enjoyed this project.  If you like Van Hunt, Terrence Trend D’Arby or Lenny Kravitz, you will dig this.  Listen in and support. Read more of this post

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