Q&A: Estelle and the Game Of Thrones + FULL MIXTAPE STREAM @EstelleDarlings @erickablount


Estelle has been getting all over the place lately–touring, making a guest appearance and recording a song on network television’s hottest show, “Empire,” releasing a new album, True Romance, and being the voice of Garnet on the cult classic animated series “Steven Universe.” Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @justin_chadwick @PublicEnemyFTP @MrChuckD @FlavorFlav @DJTerminatorX @harryallen


Happy 25th Anniversary to Public Enemy’s third LP Fear of a Black Planet, originally released April 10, 1990.

In retrospect, growing up in Oakland during the last two decades of the twentieth century meant that exposure to hip-hop music was a foregone inevitability. And in my case, when I heard and took serious notice of hip-hop for the first time at the age of 10 – in the form of Eric B. & Rakim’s 1987 single “Paid in Full” – this initial discovery was a personal tipping point for me. I wasn’t just exposed to hip-hop, I was transformed by it. The energy, the poetry, the melody. Man, I was all in. I mean, all in. And my passion for hip-hop would continue to grow exponentially throughout my pre-teen and teenage years, right into my early adulthood. Read more of this post

Mateo Senolia Makes “Baldwin” Even More Beautiful [FULL STREAM] @mateosenolia

Mateo Senolia Makes

Mateo Senolia Makes “Baldwin” Even More Beautiful

James Baldwin is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and consistently uplifting voices of 20th century literature. Forever making the clarion call for justice for all oppressed people, the essayist/novelist/playwright/poet was all about troubling the waters of the status quo. This speech he gave has been brilliantly paired with the music of Mateo Senolia (aka, Marcus J. Guillory) to make this Yoruba Soul Mix. Simply titled “Baldwin,” not only will this song make you groove, it will make you want to bust out of your temporal existence into something profound and divine.
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#LongPlayLove: Celebrating Billie Holiday’s 100th Birthday with 5 Essential Studio Albums by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @BillieHolidayHQ #BillieAt100 [FULL ALBUM STREAMS]


Today, April 7th, music lovers around the globe have united to honor Billie Holiday on what would have been her 100th birthday. And while Holiday’s indelible legacy can be interpreted and appreciated in many different ways, I trust we can all agree that she was one of the most uniquely gifted and influential vocalists ever, truly one of a kind.

Most of the songs Holiday performed throughout her three-decades long career were written and composed by others, including many of the heavyweight songwriters who defined the Great American Songbook. But Holiday didn’t simply sing other people’s songs. She fundamentally transformed them, enriched them, and made them her very own. The subtle power and soul-affirming depth inherent within her fragile, vulnerable, and endlessly emotive voice – combined with her incomparable phrasing, diction, and delivery – were all so unorthodox within the Tin Pan Alley conventions of the late 1920s and early 1930s, when her singing career began. Holiday once confessed that “if I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all.” Indeed, no one sounds like Lady Day. No one ever has, and no one ever will. Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: En Vogue’s Born to Sing – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @justin_chadwick @EnVogue @EnVogueMusic @TerryLEllis @dawnrobinson_ @MaxineJonesEV


Happy 25th Anniversary to En Vogue’s debut LP Born to Sing, originally released April 3, 1990.

Though my family and I are now firmly rooted on the east coast in Brooklyn, I will forever be passionately loyal to my beloved hometown of Oakland, CA. Admittedly, Oakland has a well-publicized history of socioeconomic and infrastructure-related challenges, which regrettably dominates public perception and often obscures all that is great about the city. There is indeed much to love about Oakland, and my pride for the city commands a permanent place in my heart and always will, for so many reasons. Its unparalleled cultural diversity, arguably rivaled only by my current stomping grounds. Its storied history of political liberalism and activism. Its unique juxtaposition of urban and rural landscapes. The soon-to-be crowned NBA champion Golden State Warriors (fingers crossed). And most relevant to this column, its rich, soulful, and frequently underappreciated musical heritage. Read more of this post

Reunited Jodeci Talks with Steve Harvey [FULL INTERVIEW] @jodecimusic @IAmSteveHarvey @

We heard this this morning and it was pretty entertaining.  They speak about love for each other, faith in God and their new album which is in stores now.  Enjoy.

Janelle Monae and Jidenna Will Leave You Out of Breath “Yoga” [FULL AUDIO] @JanelleMonae @Jidenna

Janelle Monae and Jidenna Will Leave You Out of Breath

Janelle Monae and Jidenna Will Leave You Out of Breath “Yoga”

Electric Lady #1 is trying on a new sound in her role as HDIC (Head Droid in Charge) of Wondaland Arts Society. Look being her collective of artist, Wondaland Records is now supporting a movement of eclectic and dapper artists, including the classic man Jidenna.  In Monae’s new song “Yoga” she has the electric whirl that could be seen as a trap beat sound. On first listen you would be at once entranced and concerned, as the beat is SO DOPE but then you get worried is Monae compromising on her independence. And then you stop, know that Janelle is always in control (in more ways than one, if the song is to believed…) and you go and party on.

Listen to the full song below!

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Vonny Del Fresco’s “Daylight” Ups The Anticipation For The Release of His “Memoirs” EP [FULL STREAM] @whatsupvonny

Vonny Del Fresco's "Daylight" Ups The Anticipation For The Release of His "Memoirs" EP


Vonny Del Fresco’s “Sunshine” ups the anticipation for the release of his “Memoirs” EP.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vonny Del Fresco is a young artist with promise. His lyric-oriented tracks produce a chill sound that’s hard not to vibe to. While his first project, “After It All,” dropped a year ago, it seems Vonny Del Fresco is ready to take the next step in the development of his artistry. His latest single “Daylight,” demonstrates a maturation process that surely only beginning. His next full-length project is titled “Memoirs” and is set to drop later this year.


Check out Daylight by Vonny Del Fresco:

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Check Out Bilal’s “Sirens II” From His Upcoming Project “In Another Life” [FULL STREAM] @bilal

Check Out Bilal's "Sirens II" From His Upcoming Project "In Another Life"


Check out Bilal‘s “Sirens II” from his upcoming project “In Another Life.”

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#LongPlayLove: Common’s Like Water for Chocolate – Celebrating 15 Years by Justin Chadwick [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @justin_chadwick @common @questlove @TheDangelo @gonzomike @ronworthy

Happy 15th Anniversary to Common’s fourth LP Like Water for Chocolate, originally released March 28, 2000.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. – better known as Common – was introduced to tens of millions of people around the globe, for the very first time, with his impassioned speech following his and collaborator John Legend’s deserving Best Original Song triumph at last month’s Academy Awards. While Common is just now garnering broader household name recognition, and rightfully so, there are many of us who have been well acquainted with the man and his music for just shy of a quarter-century. Read more of this post

Brooklynn -The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop [FULL EP] @brooklynnmusic

Brooklynn - The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop

Brooklynn -The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop

With her name, it only makes sense that an artist would be as eclectic as the city she represents. Brooklynn’s style of music is on first listen seemingly pop- made for summer time anthems blaring from radios. But substantiating this fun vocals is something resonant and rich that is steeped in soul music. Her debut self-titled EP brings as nice heady blend of all these many sounds. We were first put on notice by the gripping “Friends”, but were equally impressed by the other four tracks. You can hear the full EP below!
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#LongPlayLove: Digital Underground’s Sex Packets – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @justin_chadwick @HumptyFunk @moneyb69


Happy 25th Anniversary to Digital Underground’s debut LP Sex Packets, originally released March 26, 1990.

“Just havin’ fun y’all
And if you think that it’s wrong
You got to admit
It’s a new type of song”

If there is one verse that perfectly encapsulates Digital Underground’s music, well, I’d argue that it’s this one, from the Oakland-bred group’s debut single “Doowutchyalike,” released in the fall of 1989. When I first heard their unapologetic ode to party-fueled hedonism, I was blown away by the irresistible joie de vivre of their distinctive sound. Desperate to hear more from them, I wanted to figure out how to get my hands on an invitation to the next debauchery-filled affair they planned to orchestrate. Read more of this post

Morgan James – Maps (Vintage 1970s Soul Maroon 5 Cover) + FULL ALBUM STREAM @morganajames @scottbradlee @pmjofficial @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @maroon5 @adamlevine @wbls1075nyc #BlueEyedSoul

Morgan James

First, let us say that we were just blown away by the performance of this cover tune via singer Morgan James, musician/producer Scott Bradlee and the folks at Postmodern Jukebox.  Without even knowing we were already fans, we jumped into listening to the song and realized that we had been listening to her Prince cover of Call My Name for the past couple months on NYC’s WBLS.  Not only is Morgan serious looker but she has the pipes and charisma to back it up.  Adam Levine and Maroon 5 may want to consider bringing her along on their next tour. Read more of this post

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy [FULL STREAM] @officialgrace @g_eazy

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy

You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore had a sort of feminist flair in the earlier 60’s which made it a pop-powerhouse to independence. Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, the song was a hot contender alongside The Beatles. This updated version from singer Grace, featuring Oakland-native G-Eazy, is full modernized and is as every bit as beautiful as the original. Blessed too with the power of Jones on this take, this soulful update can be a launching pad for both of these new talents.

Listen to the full audio below.
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New Prince Produced Album with Judith Hill Called Back In Time FREE DOWNLOAD

We are not sure why the music Gods have shined on us but get this one while you can.  Thanks Live Nation for sending this our way.  For those of you who do not know Judith Hill, please know that she is a vocal titan who you may remember from Michael Jackson’s This is It movie and album of the same name. More recently, she was featuring in the amazing documentary about background singers called 10 Feet From Stardom.  Truly amazing opportunity to hear something new and likely amazing from these two.  Apparently, Prince had a private listening party for this joint this weekend so peep it while you can.

Stream It Here:


Tinashe Drops New “Amethyst” Mixtape [FULL STREAM] @tinashe

Tinashe Drops New "Amethyst" Mixtape


Tinashe drops new “Amethyst” mixtape. The 7-track project from the R&B artist comes only a few months after her debut album “Aquarius,” and features production from Ryan Hemsworth, DJ Dahi, and Ritz Reynolds, to name a few. The mixtape is a result of Tinashe’s bedroom studio sessions over the past Christmas break. “Amethyst” is named after Tinashe’s birthstone and is meant to be a “thank you gift” to her fans for always believing in her.


Check out “Amethyst” by Tinashe

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Soulection Honors Sade’s Legacy in Style with “Love Is King” Compilation of Reimagined Songs @Soulection @SadeOfficial


Call it laudable ambition or foolish hubris, but the L.A.-based Soulection music collective has curated a brand new compilation of reimagined, remixed, and reinterpreted tracks from Sade’s prolific catalog. Admittedly, before the soulhead team gave it a proper listen, we were a bit skeptical. Naturally. It takes a hefty dose of bravado to touch the damn-near flawless songcraft of the iconic Ms. Adu. Read more of this post

Chic featuring Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO @nilerodgers @karliekloss #IllBeThere


Listening to this while posting and we are really loving this new track which feels fresh and retro at the same time.  Featuring the unmistakable Chic rhythm section sound with Mr. Nile Rodgers holding court, this track masterfully intertwines lush female vocals and even a little robotic nod to Daft Punk into the mix.  Well done sir.  We look forward to hearing this one for years to come and you continue to remain as relevant as ever.  Kudos!

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#LongPlayLove: Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @OfficialBBD @MrRickyBell @MikeBiv @RonDeVoe

Happy 25th Anniversary to Bell Biv DeVoe’s debut LP Poison, originally released March 20, 1990.

It’s hard to believe, but more than thirty years have passed since five precociously talented young gentlemen released their debut album together as New Edition. 1983’s Candy Girl marked the official beginning of the Boston-bred group’s storied career, which has proven time and time again to be one of the most remarkable and enduring phenomena in music history. Read more of this post

NEW: James Chatburn x Jordan Rakei “Holiday Love” Deserves A Listen [FULL STREAM] @jordanrakei @jameschatburn

James Chatburn x Jordan Rakei "Holiday Love" Deserves A Listen

NEW James Chatburn and Jordan Rakei “Holiday Love” deserves a listen. Soulhead.com is no stranger to the smooth sounds of Jordan Rakei. This time he’s collaborated with Australian Singer/Producer James Chatburn to bring us “Holiday Love.” The R&B/Jazz/Soul lovers should have this one on repeat for a while. Have a Listen!

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