Marcellus Wallace – Marcellus Wallace [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Marcellus Wallace - Marcellus Wallace

Motown has long had its influence on R&B. Marcellus Wallace is a band that demonstrates that influence even to this day. The band has a jazz based sound, and plays with instruments to make engrossing music.

Stream the album here and if you like what you hear, support the artist!

Marcellus Wallace – Marcellus Wallace

Columbus Short – Gave Ya [FULL SONG DOWNLOAD] @ColumbusShort1

Columbus Short - Gave Ya

Gladiators, unite! We all know Columbus Short from the hit film Stomp the Yard, and as sartorially inclined Harrison on Scandal. But aside from his decorated acting career, he is also exploring his passion for music. “Gave Ya” is a new single in the same vein of other grown and sexy R&B songs. Download the song for free here!
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Concert Recap: Z&A at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., March 29, 2014 by Jason Schellhardt

Concert Recap: Z&A at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., March 29, 2014 by Jason Schellhardt
Headliner: Z&A
Opening Act: Genghis Hans
Venue: The Rock Shop
Date: March 29, 2014
Saturday night, Brooklyn-based duo Z&A took the stage at the Rock Shop in the borough’s Park Slope neighborhood. It was a cold, rainy evening, but that did not stop a decent sized crowd from venturing out to the show.
Opening act Genghis Hans–also hailing from Brooklyn–set the stage for Z&A with a set full of bass heavy indie-pop. The duo features Hansdale Hsu on guitar vocals and Stryker Matthews on programming and synths. With the crowd still filling in, Genghis Hans managed to get a few bodies moving.
Joined by a drummer for the evening, Jake Zavracky and Amanda Khiri–Z&A, respectively–took

the stage behind mic stands wrapped in strings of light. Zavracky set up shop with his guitar behind an array of synths and effect pedals. His ingenuinty with those effects is one of the driving forces behind what makes Z&A’s music so interesting.
The other force–emphasis on force–is Khiri’s powerhouse vocals. Khiri took the stage Saturdaynight with an Erykah Badu-esque afro, but a voice closer to Jill Scott. Coupled with her strong vocals, Khiri is a natural performer, and easily kept the crowd interested in Z&A’s set.
“I got my good hair on tonight,” Khiri informed the crowd. The band started its set with “The Transistor.” The song features a funky synth bassline and a trippy vocoder guitar riff. Bordering on R&B/soul and psychedelic rock, the song definitely set the pace for the rest of Z&A’s catalog.
The band’s set drew material from last year’s self-titled album and the recent Vicodin Blues EP. The title track from that EP is a stirring track reminiscent of the Doors’ “Five To One”–also known as the sample from Jay Z’s “Takeover.” The song is a haunting tale of paranoia and dependence: “Call the nurses/Bring the vicodin/Leave my dagger/Someone’s creeping in.”
The set got progressively lighter with some more dance friendly tracks. When the band got to “Father’s House,” Khiri delivered the first verse acapella. It was yet another reminder that this woman has some serious pipes. The reggae-tinged beat came in, reinforcing Z&A’s ability to defy the conventions of traditional genres.
The high-point of the set was “Neon Arches.” The song has an undeniably danceable beat and a huge hook. This track has gained some traction on the internet and with local DJs. The hook, “I can’t get enough/Of your love,” is so ubiquitous and is more than capable of capturing a mainstream audience with the right exposure.
Z&A’s brand of experimental, alternative R&B is incredibly exciting and current. With artists like Frank Ocean, the Weeknd, How To Dress Well, etc. redefining the standards of R&B music, Z&A is more than capable of becoming part of that discussion.


Solomon Words – The Big Homie FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD @SolomonWords

big homie - solomon words free mp3 downloadWe are happy to support this up and coming MC, Solomon Words AKA SoloG.O.D, from Denver who is making his way through the rough NYC hip hop scene.   Last year, we kept you up on his first release, Fools Gold, which we loved.   Words followed that release up with a string of  performances as a solo act on the BET Matters showcase and also with his duo Nozebleed Section.  This brother is out here tryna function for real.

More from Words:

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Ashlyn C – My Time [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Ashlyn C - My Time

We love a soul sista with a sultry voice. Ashlyn C is that type of singer. Coupling her voice with the slowed down melodies on the ballads, or the jazzy beats on the up-tempo songs, Ashlyn comes exploding on to the modern R&B scene.
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Morning Mix: Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar – It’s On Again @aliciakeys @kendricklamar

Alicia Keys Its On Again

As spring gets well underway, the buzz of the pending summer movie season is in full swing. Of those films, The Amazing Spider Man 2 is gaining much buzz. Now adding to that excitement is this new song from the soundtrack, “It’s On Again”. On this number, Alicia Keys teams up with a fiery Kendrick Lamar to let us all know that, indeed, it is on again!
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Sex on Toast – Sex on Toast Debut Album! [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @SexyToasty

Sex on Toast

Remember the days of yacht-rock? When soul met rock met funk met crazy good jams? These guys are bringing it back in full force! Meet Sex on Toast, a group of nine  Australian guys who are outrageous as their name would suggest. Boasting a full set of instrumentalist and vocalist, this is fun music to explore!
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Morning Mix : Elle Varner – Cold Case [FULL SONG STREAM]


Elle Varner is solid in all of her one-off song release endeavors. On this new track “Cold Case“, we see this goofy side of Varner at first, but then get right in to that gritty and strong voice of hers. If this is an indication of what to expect on the 2nd album, than we are sold!
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Bon Vivant – Kemet [ALBUM STREAM] @kemet816

Bon Vivant - Kemet

“Bon vivant” – an expression used to convey a sense of unbridled joy, friendliness, and love of life. Indeed in Kansas City based soul artist Kemet, we get just that! This album of his uses the best of R&B and electronic music to make an upbeat, funky sound! Rare is it for the two genres to be fused together so seamlessly, yet Kemet makes it work!
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Morning Mix : Mapei ft. Chance the Rapper – Don’t Wait (Remix)

Mapei ft. Change the Rapper

Mapei is a songstress who knows music. Heavily influenced by what amounts to being a global soul genre, it gives her sound one with a full body. This remix to an earlier song of hers “Don’t Wait” features Chance the Rapper and more of that same dope beat that makes this sound so unique.
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Eliza Smith – Born Knowing [ALBUM STREAM] @ElizaSmithMusic

Eliza Smith - Born Knowing

A blue -eyed soul sister? That’s exactly what we are thinking about this Vancouver, BC native! Eliza Smith has been making self-described “Hip-hop inspired R&B” for a while now, and has just released a new album, Paradigm. This post is her debut joint, Born Knowing. This album is packed with beauty and pain; sultry and strong just how we love our R&B!
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Breaking News: De La Soul Drops New Mixtape “Smell the Da.I.S.Y.” @WeAreDeLaSoul

De La Soul Drops New Mixtape

You might recall a few weeks back we brought you a J. Dilla infused remix from De La Soul, “Dilla Plugged In”. It was meant as a tribute to the late great producer, J. Dilla. This new mixtape Smell the Da.I.S.Y (Da Inner Soul of Yancy) is a longer form tribute to Dilla. As Pos, Dave, and Mase explain, this is a free mixtape, but you can feel free to donate to them. And, let’s be real, De La Soul has given so much to soul music, it’s only fitting we give back!
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Morning Mix : Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Illmatic XX Remix) [FULL SONG STREAM] @Nas

Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell Illmatic XX Remix

April 15th will be a huge day for hip hop as one of the elder statesmen, Nas, will release the 20th anniversary edition of his seminal work, Illmatic. Aptly named, Illmatic XX, this album will feature new tracks as well as updates of the classics. This “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” remix is one of example of the latter group!
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RLP - Slow Jams

Make this a relaxing evening with this well curated and mixed list of classic soul slow jams from Parisian DJ, RLP. This whole set is laced with riffs and beats you’ll know from classic R&B hits, but with a refreshing twist, sure to rejuvenate your very soul.
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JAY Z ft Jay Electronica – We Made It [FULL SONG STREAM] @S_C_ @JayElectronica

Jay Z Jay Electronica We Made It

A new freestyle from Jay Z and ever-burgeoning artist Jay Electronica was released this week. A bit of pop-culture relevance, this song  is significant for several reasons:

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Morning Mix : August Alsina ft. Rick Ross – Benediction [FULL SONG STREAM] @AugustAlsina

August Alsina - Benediction

It won’t be much longer until August Alsina’s debut album is released on April 15th. And in anticipation of it, we have been bringing you some of samples of his music. Simply put, this man is an artist, earnestly chronicling his life in ways we do not often here from R&B singers.
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Method Man – Iron Lung [FULL MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD] @methodman

Method Man - Iron Lung

Earlier we brought you some new music from Wu-Tang. Continuing to show some Wu love, this new mixtape featuring Method Man is pretty hot.

You can download it here!
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Morning Mix : Wu-Tang – Keep Watch [FULL SONG STREAM] @WuTangClan

Wu-Tang - Keep Watch

The Wu is as great and solid as ever! On this new single from Wu-Tang Clan, the crew goes off over a smooth beat. Enjoy this new tune and start bumping it this spring!
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Jon Connor – Kanye Inspired Mixtape “The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak” [FULL MIXTAPE] @JonConnorMusic

Jon Connor - Kanye West Inspired Mixtape

Jon Connor is one of Dr. Dre‘s latest protegee. And this brotha has flows! In an audacious move, DJ Drama took some of the best of Kanye West’s beats and gave them to Connor to spit over. In the amazing title The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak, this mixtape was destined to be memorable from the beginning!
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Morning Mix : Soulsorts Radio Mix from Hot FM @soulsorts

Soulsorts Radio Mix

Nothing nourishes the soul better than soul music. It has the profound ability to help you unwind, help you be productive, and in general, be free. This morning’s music mix is a radio stream from various artists (including soulhead artists like Osmojam, and Toni Braxton & Babyface) that will let you be free! Let this music stream in to you and be elevated!
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