WATCH Anderson .Paak OWN The Roots Picnic Performing “Am I Wrong?”

Anderson .Paak Live at the Roots Picnic
First off, let us say that we are seriously feeling everything about Anderson Paak.  Not only does this cat have the moves, style, lyrics and the songwriting chops to pay more than his bills, but he is just plain entertaining and captivating to see.   His recent performance in Philadelphia during the Roots Picnic proves that he is more than the one to watch.  He is the one to LOVE and support.   If you have been under a rock for the past 6 months, dig yourself out and get on this soul train. Read more of this post

LISTEN to Prince’s Sign O’ The Times Tour Rehearsals

Prince Sign O' The Times Rehearsal Recordings

It’s been 2 months to the day that the World found out that our beloved Prince had transitioned in an elevator at Paisley Park.  Since then, we have all mourned his passing on our own and in groups and parties.  It has been one of the hardest losses imaginable and in conversations with our staff, many are still in disbelief.  This is why the most serious Prince fans are so eager to listen to any and all discoveries that have made their way onto YouTube and other mediums since that horrible day in April.  Although the Purple One leveraged his considerable minions to remove this type of content, since he passed, some great tidbits like these have surfaced.
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PREVIEW the new EP, “I Want It To Be” by UK Soul Legend, Omar


Anyone who follows our site knows we LOVE Omar Lye-Fook MBE AKA Omar.  Beginning with his amazing debut There’s Nothing Like This in 1990, this amazing singer with the distinctive baritone literally does it all.  Classically trained on the piano, percussion and trumpet, his style is immediately recognizable and entrancing.

We are pleased to bring you a preview of his latest EP, “I Want To Be,” which was recently released on his soundcloud page.  Enjoy this collection and stay tuned for the full release. Read more of this post

WATCH The New Trailer for the 2Pac Biopic All Eyez on Me [FULL VIDEO]

We will the first in line to peep the upcoming 2Pac biopic “All Eyes on Me” which will be released this Fall in a theater near year. The film, which will star Tupac Shakur doppleganger, Demetrius Shipp Jr., and be directed by music video veteran Benny Boom, will follow the very successful Straight Outta Compton film about N.W.A. and Notorious about the Notorious B.I.G. Based on this trailer alone, we are certain this will be one to watch this Fall. Read more of this post

Who Gets Bodied in the Epic “Drop The Mic” Rap Battle Between Kevin Hart and James Corden? [FULL VIDEO]

Kevin Hart and James Corden Battle on Mic Drop Segment of The Late Late Show

Kevin Hart and James Corden Battle on Mic Drop Segment of The Late Late Show

We are not sure if these two actually penned these bars, but there was some serious vitriol spit last night on the “Drop The Mic” segment on the increasingly popular The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In the battle, host James Corden lampoons comedian Kevin Hart with jokes on his size and a serious belly shot relating to Chris Rock. Hart, who is on the circuit promoting his new flick, Central Intelligence, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, capped back with obvious weight and “white boy” lyrics, both of which scored cheers from the excited crowd.

All in all, it was very entertaining and we will let you be the judge on which performer won. Read more of this post

Kanye West Expands The Life of Pablo with a New Song, “Saint Pablo”

After many updates to his most recent album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye West releases “Saint Pablo” to address his recent debt issues.   This coincides with the announcement of the tour of the same name.  In the song, he addresses his critics as well as proving some background on what has lead to his recent money woes.  The track is pretty cathartic and in true ‘Ye fashion, he really opens up on a very personal subject.    Of course, there are also the usual hyperbolic comparisons including putting himself on the same level as Einstein and Michael Jackson.  Kanye may have been in over his head with respect to debt but he is never short on confidence. Read more of this post

WATCH Raye 6’s Dazzling New Video for “I’m Deciding” [VIDEO]

Raye 6 - I'm Deciding video covert art copy
Last week, we brought you the latest single, “I’m Deciding“, from Brooklyn songstress, Raye 6. In the song, she sings about a relationship that went wrong and she is contemplating her next step. As we mentioned, we really love the lyrics, groove and the vocal delivery.  Now, with the minimal yet emotional visuals to accompany this amazing track, we are confident more folks will see the full artistry behind this gifted performer and this song.

Clocking in at a curious 4:20, the video was shot on a rooftop in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York by Marcus Simms and directed by Raye 6. Despite it’s relatively simple premise, Raye 6’s piercing eyes and limited body language draw the viewer deep into her feelings of pain and discontent.    Like the song without the visuals, we dare you to look away.  We couldn’t.

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Prince’s Gifts: An Essay by Michael A. Gonzales

Prince’s Gifts
by Michael A. Gonzales

Birthday Show, June 7, 1986, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan:


Prince Rogers Nelson would’ve been 58-years-old today and although as a Jehovah’s Witness he would not have celebrated the day himself, you can be sure that across the globe people with be lighting purple birthday candles in his honor while jamming his songs until the day. While it is his birthday, over the thirty-eight years Prince made music professionally, he gave us many gifts in the form all of the music he left behind. Prince recorded 39 albums in his lifetime, but since his death there has been a slew of material released online that simply compounds what we already knew about the purple-clad prolific genius: for Prince, literally until the day he died, it was all about the making music. Read more of this post

WATCH Kanye, Desiigner, and GOOD Music perform “Father Stretch My Hands” and “Panda” #SummerJam2016 [VIDEO]

Only a few hours before nearly causing a riot in New York City because of a rumored concert at Webster Hall last night, Kanye West took the stage with his G.O.O.D. Music brethren including 2Chainz and Big Sean.  With over 60K in attendance, they performed tracks from Kanye’s growing body of work including “Father Stretch My Hands” from his recent Life of Pablo LP.  In addition, he was joined by Brooklyn’s own Desiigner, who performed his major hit, “Panda.’   We dig the energy for sure.

Peep it for yourself!

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#LISTEN to Kanye’s West New Epic Posse Cut, “Cruel Winter” featuring Quavo, Travis Scott, Desiigner, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz

Kanye pulled a Beyonce and dropped a new track out of nowhere with some new and established artists trading verses.  Peep this joint! Read more of this post

#LISTEN to Raye 6’s Amazingly Sultry New Single, “I’m Deciding” + Interview

R6 I'm Deciding Single Cover

It is rare that an artist immediately resonates with our staff.   Sure, there are the occasional unmistakable talents that you can’t ignore, but it doesn’t happen often.  Many years ago, soulhead founder Ron Worthy randomly came across Brooklyn based Raye 6, a captivating singer and performer, and her single, “Not Gonna Be Forever” and was sold.  That track’s blend of funk and pop not only kept his attention but made him want more. Read more of this post

Funny and Greatest Prince Moments Compilation [VIDEO]

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As we are nearing the 6th week without our Prince and approaching the week of his birth next week, we started thinking back to some of the our favorite moments and then came across this really funny compilation that we had to share.  The compilation includes a number of funny moments like when Prince was on “The New Girl” as well as a few memorable interviews.  Kudos to YouTube user JazzMJFAN for posting this.

In addition, we added one of our own below which many of you may have seen already but features Prince being interviewed by Chris Rock.

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#ThatTimeWhen Prince Crowdsurfed Before Singing “Nothing Compares 2 U” The Right Way

Since Madonna nearly destroyed this classic, we wanted to show you how it is really done. Thanks to Morris Day for posting this.

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Again, this is how it is done. Oh, and who would have thunk it that Prince would have crowdsurfed? This is truly amazing footage. Enjoy! Read more of this post

The Universe of Prince Graphic

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In light of the Madonna Billboard fiasco last night (sorry Madge), we wanted to shed light on this amazing graphic from the magazine, which lays out the full Prince universe (mostly) in detail.   Peep this and remember the deep roots this brother laid down. Read more of this post

“Prince So Cool, Ain’t Nobody Bad Like Him” Conversation at NPR’s The Green Space

Prince So Cool, Ain't Nobody Bad Like Him
In case you missed this spirited discussion about Prince, you really need this in your life. Produced and led by Warrington Hudlin, this amazing panel discussion includes Greg Tate, Michaela Angela Davis, Vernon Reid and Toure. While listening to this, we can’t help but miss Prince even more. These brothers and sister really go into a lot of detail about the late artists’ music, impact on culture and the associated politics of Prince.  In addition, there are some really detailed personal accounts that you want to hear.  This is a must watch. Read more of this post

Brooklyn’s Annual BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival Offers Something for Everyone [FULL SCHEDULE]


Anyone who has been to New York City during the Summer knows there is no shortage of great free events to attend. From Central Park Summerstage, Harlem Week and many other notable festivals, there is literally something to check out every week and weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Read more of this post

WATCH D’Angelo and Princess Deliver An Emotional Prince Tribute “Sometimes It Snows In April” on the Tonight Show

D’Angelo Performs “Sometimes It Snows In April” on the Tonight Show

We are still reeling from the unexpected loss of the musical legend, Prince. It has been nearly a week since we heard the news and can use all of the positive vibes we can get.

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Last night, D’Angelo and Princess, the Prince cover band comprised of Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum, sang one of the late singer’s most emotional (and ironic) records. As one of the few ballads on Parade, the soundtrack to the movie Under The Cherry Moon, “Sometimes It Snows In April” tells a very moving tale of the film’s lead character, Christopher Tracy, and his apparent death. Given Prince died this April, the song resonates even more. We are eternally grateful for this amazing performance and know everyone will enjoy this ode to one of the most incredible performers ever. Read more of this post

WATCH Ice Cube Chop Up Some Game with Snoop Dogg [FULL INTERVIEW]

Two of our all time favorite players from the West Side, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, got together to talk about Cube’s breakthrough role as Doughboy in the classic hood flick, “Boyz in the Hood” and also discussed “Barbershop: The Next Cut.” We were really happy to hear the two go deep into the machinations of Hollywood and how to get ideas greenlit. This is a wonderful discussion and one that we are happy to have heard.

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LISTEN to Drake’s Hot New Track with Kanye West and Jay-Z Checking In With The Shortest Cameo Ever [FULL STREAM]

Welcome to the song that will likely be on every hip hop station this Summer followed by an appearance next Fall on Urban AC. This may not be “Hotline Bling,” but it sure is catchy. We only wonder why Jay-Z even bothered to be included with only 1 couplet delivered. Could it have something to do with Drake’s references to Jay-Z on his recent track “Summer Sixteen” where he claims that he “turned into Jay?” Strange but we will take it. He and ‘Ye appear as The Throne, which is a callout to their joint Watch the Throne album a while back.

Drake also dropped another track called “One Dance” but we didn’t feel that track as much as “Pop Style”. For your convenience, we will include it below as well. Honestly, both are cool but “Pop Style” is a bit stronger (read: less singing).


“Pop Style”

“One Dance”

WATCH “The Conductor,” Kobe Bryant’s New Nike Commercial Featuring an Otis Redding Classic [FULL VIDEO]

Kobe Bryant and Otis Redding

Last night, millions of sports fans witnessed one of the most incredible last games by a player in any sport.  Although we also checked out the Golden State Warriors on and off to see if they would break the single season games won record (they did), we were mainly focused on the last effort by Kobe Bryant.  Registering an amazing 60 point game, Kobe went out in splendid fashion. Read more of this post