WATCH D’Angelo and Princess Deliver An Emotional Prince Tribute “Sometimes It Snows In April” on the Tonight Show

D’Angelo Performs “Sometimes It Snows In April” on the Tonight Show

We are still reeling from the unexpected loss of the musical legend, Prince. It has been nearly a week since we heard the news and can use all of the positive vibes we can get. Last night, D’Angelo and Princess, the Prince cover band comprised of Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum, sang one of the late singer’s most emotional (and ironic) records. As one of the few ballads on Parade, the soundtrack to the movie Under The Cherry Moon, “Sometimes It Snows In April” tells a very moving tale of the film’s lead character, Christopher Tracy, and his apparent death. Given Prince died this April, the song resonates even more. We are eternally grateful for this amazing performance and know everyone will enjoy this ode to one of the most incredible performers ever. Read more of this post

WATCH Ice Cube Chop Up Some Game with Snoop Dogg [FULL INTERVIEW]

Two of our all time favorite players from the West Side, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, got together to talk about Cube’s breakthrough role as Doughboy in the classic hood flick, “Boyz in the Hood” and also discussed “Barbershop: The Next Cut.” We were really happy to hear the two go deep into the machinations of Hollywood and how to get ideas greenlit. This is a wonderful discussion and one that we are happy to have heard.

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LISTEN to Drake’s Hot New Track with Kanye West and Jay-Z Checking In With The Shortest Cameo Ever [FULL STREAM]

Welcome to the song that will likely be on every hip hop station this Summer followed by an appearance next Fall on Urban AC. This may not be “Hotline Bling,” but it sure is catchy. We only wonder why Jay-Z even bothered to be included with only 1 couplet delivered. Could it have something to do with Drake’s references to Jay-Z on his recent track “Summer Sixteen” where he claims that he “turned into Jay?” Strange but we will take it. He and ‘Ye appear as The Throne, which is a callout to their joint Watch the Throne album a while back.

Drake also dropped another track called “One Dance” but we didn’t feel that track as much as “Pop Style”. For your convenience, we will include it below as well. Honestly, both are cool but “Pop Style” is a bit stronger (read: less singing).


“Pop Style”

“One Dance”

WATCH “The Conductor,” Kobe Bryant’s New Nike Commercial Featuring an Otis Redding Classic [FULL VIDEO]

Kobe Bryant and Otis Redding

Last night, millions of sports fans witnessed one of the most incredible last games by a player in any sport.  Although we also checked out the Golden State Warriors on and off to see if they would break the single season games won record (they did), we were mainly focused on the last effort by Kobe Bryant.  Registering an amazing 60 point game, Kobe went out in splendid fashion. Read more of this post

MEET Houston’s Blushhh Music, Mathew Knowles’ New Discovery


We were very pleased to get to know this up and coming group that is the latest discovery from Mathew Knowles, Blushhh Music (including Tali, Bunni Ray and Sunni).  From their responses, they have a bright future ahead and we look forward to hearing more from them.  After their Q and A, check out their latest single “Old School Back” below and let us know what you think.  The track features a sample of “Rain Dance” by The Jeff Lorber Fusion, which was made popular by Lil’ Kim on the song “Crush On You” featuring Lil’ Cease and The Notorious B.I.G..


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WATCH Kendrick Lamar’s Kobe Bryant Tribute “Fade to Black”

Kendrick Lamar Tribute to Kobe Bryant
Tonight will be a historic night in basketball as the Golden State Warrior look to break the Chicago Bulls’ single season games won record.  However, fans like us will be watching Kobe Bryant play his last game as an NBA player.  Like him or not, he transformed the game and put up some amazing stats as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.  He will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game and we were very inspired by this great tribute from Kendrick Lamar. Read more of this post

LISTEN to Beyonce’s New Proteges, Chloe X Halle’s, Ethereal New Single, “Drop” [VIDEO]


We were pleased to learn that Beyonce is branching out and exposing the World to new talent. In addition to Chloe X Halle, who are sisters, Queen B has also signed 29-year-old singer/rapper Ingrid and Sophie Beem, who is a self-taught pianist, guitarist, and vocalist and is 16 years old.

According to a recent interview, “‘DROP’ is very special to us because it was one of the first songs we fully wrote and produced ourselves,” Chloe x Halle told The FADER. “It gave us the courage to trust our instincts. To see how it was made from our living room, to turning into something much bigger, is super exciting! We’re so happy that we got to do our first video in such a huge way.”

As you will see, “Drop” is very light and mellow but powerful lyrically. They delicately deliver simple but beautiful vocals. We are looking forward to more from this new group. Read more of this post

LEARN More About Maxwell in This Eye Opening Interview on the Breakfast Club

Maxwell on The Breakfast Club
We really learned a lot about the artist and the man in this interview with soul singer, Maxwell. This brother goes in about social media, his mom, his music partnerships, Japanese Whisky, identity, R. Kelly (yes, him) and much more. Peep this one in the background even if you can’t watch the whole thing. Read more of this post

LISTEN to the New Maxwell Single “Lake By The Ocean” and Get All Dreamy-Eyed!!!!

Maxwell - Lake By The Ocean Single
Like soulheads Worldwide, we have been eagerly awaiting the latest offering from Brooklyn’s own Maxwell. Having recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the seminal Urban Hang Suite, fans around the World will really love this slow ballad that feels like classic Max. Relying on a lush music backdrop, he leverages his mid-range and familiar falsetto in this new track that we are sure will be taking over the airwaves in the coming weeks.

This is the first single from his forthcoming LP which is the second installment of BlackSUMMERSNight, which will be in stores July 1st! Read more of this post

LISTEN To This Amazingly Rare Interview from Brenda Bennett from Vanity/Apollonia 6 About Reconnecting with Prince and Bandmate Susan Moonsie

Hear how Brenda and Susan from Vanity/Apollonia 6 Reconnected with Each Other and Prince

Hear how Brenda and Susan from Vanity/Apollonia 6 Reconnected with Each Other and Prince

We were amazed to hear this incredible discussion with Vanity/Apollonia 6‘s Brenda Bennett about her reconnection with her one time bandmate, Susan Moonsie.   In the conversation, she details how Susan came to visit and the two of them surprised Prince at his concert in Boston.  This is a truly in-depth chat with one of the Purple One’s most important proteges that you must hear to believe. Read more of this post

WATCH Michael Bivins Show You Around His Boston Neighborhood #BLX

Michael Bivins BLX
Kudos to Ken Gibbs, Jr. and the entire BET staff for this amazing web series, #BLX.  The show features some of music’s superstars and unsung artist in the neighborhoods where they grew up. We were very excited to learn more about one of the most influential members of New Edition, Michael Bivins.  From the early days of that group to his pioneering place in Bell Biv Devoe, Bivins will go down as a true legend and we loved gaining more insight into this brother’s humble beginnings. Read more of this post

LISTEN to the Posthumous Phife Dawg Single, “Nutshell” [FULL STREAM]

Phife Dawg Tribute
Last night, some of the music industry’s most important artists, including KRS-1, Grandmaster Flash, Andre 3000, and many more gathered at the Apollo Theater to pay tribute to the late and great Phife Dawg.  In case you missed it, we have included it below.  According to Watchloud, Phife was working on a new solo project called Give Thanks before his passing, and the first single, produced by J Dilla is “Nutshell.” It was premiered at the end of the ceremony last night. Check it out below: Read more of this post

#ICYMI #YouNEEDThis Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper [FULL STREAM + ALBUM REVIEW]

Professional Rapper by Lil Dicky

Rarely do we ask you to drop what you are doing and listen to a record.  However, now is that time.   As the title says, YOU NEED THIS.  Thanks to whoever runs Facebook’s ad serving algorithms for randomly showing the animated video featuring this amazing rapper, Lil Dicky, and one of our favorites, Snoop Dogg, for the title track, “Professional Rapper”.  Although we are not hyped about this cat’s rapper name, we are ALL OVER the rest of it.  Witty, melodic, funky, lyrical, and HELLA funny all at the same time, we cannot stop listening.  Alternating between an endless number of flows and even spoken word, this may be one of the most entertaining records we have heard in years.  On top of all of that, it features amazing cameos by Fetty Wap, T-Pain, and Rich Homie Quan among others.  This brother from the ‘burbs north of Philly should have a long career ahead of him.  Honestly, records like this are why we continue to do what we do.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!  Our only regret is that we didn’t peep this when in came out late last Summer. Read more of this post

LEARN More about Soul Singer Deborah Cox in This Recent Interview

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 16: Deborah Cox attends 2016 BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Honors at the Rialto on January 16, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BMI) *** Local Caption *** Deborah Cox

By Christopher Daniel

Entertaining a variety of audiences makes multi-talented performer Deborah Cox really comfortable. The powerhouse Grammy-nominated vocalist behind memorable R&B/pop singles like “Nobody Supposed to Be Here,” “We Can’t Be Friends,” “Things Just Ain’t the Same,” “It’s Over Now” and “Sentimental” has been concentrating heavily on her flourishing theatre career, gearing up to portray Josephine Baker in the off-Broadway production, Josephine. Read more of this post

Ultra Rare Prince & Michael Jackson Duet Surfaces [Exclusive Stream]


Mere words can not describe our elations over this amazing discovery!  Just press play and behold greatness.  Once done, scroll to the bottom for our insight. Read more of this post

#ThatTimeWhen Res Blew Up The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with Her Hit “They Say Vision” #FlashbackFriday

Back in 2001, we were so in love with Res and her amazing LP, How I Do.  Not only did her vocals, lyrics and presentation get us going, but her overall vibe made us pay attention.  If case you missed it, please check out our recent Slept on Soul feature on this album by Michael Gonzales.  That being said, we came across this incredible (and rare) footage from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she performs one of our favorite songs from the album, “They Say Vision.” Read more of this post

LISTEN to Oddisee’s Dope New EP, AlWasta [FULL STREAM]

Oddisee-Alwasta-EP-FULL-STREAMSince we heard the first note of the Oddisee‘s classic Rock Creek Park project, we became die hard fans. Not only does he shed needed light on the talent that exists in the Washington, D.C. area, but he does it in a classic fashion.  Insightful lyrics, dope production and classic era vibes make this brother hard to turn away from. We urge you to take some time to listen to this amazing work that was just released. Combining all of the aforementioned elements with an evolving sense of self, Alwasta, is a jewel that needs to be heard, savored, supported and shared. Check the technique and do your part to get the word out. Read more of this post

LEARN More about DC Rapper Tarica June’s Inspiring “But Anyway” Video


Over the past few weeks, the internet has been on fire watching the amazing 90’s inspired track and video “But Anyway” by up and coming conscious hip-hop artist, Tarica June.  Since soulhead’s founder, Ron Worthy, is from Washington, D.C., he couldn’t help but get a little homesick as our staff watched the video to the dope track.  The song eloquently discusses gentrification among other topics and features many familiar snippets including sampled tracks by Suzanne Vega, Eric B. & Rakim (via D.C.’s own Soul SearchersAshley’s Roachclip sample), and PM Dawn (via Spandau Ballet’s True sample). We reached out to Tarica June to get a guided tour which will provide a bit more insight into her and the locations in the video.

Peep the video and guided tour below: Read more of this post

WATCH Anthony Hamilton Blow Away Listeners at NPR’s Tiny Desk

Anthony Hamilton performs live at NPR's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for Tiny Desk

Anthony Hamilton performs live at NPR’s Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for Tiny Desk

NPR’s Tiny Desk series is one of the best showcases of talent anywhere.  The concerts take place in NPR’s Washington, D.C.’s headquarters and have exposed the World to such amazing talents as Houston’s The Suffers and also put T-Pain‘s real singing chops on display.  If you have not checked out these unconventional performances, which often include alternate instruments and acoustic versions of popular songs, this may just be the time for you to try.  For many years, Southern soul singer Anthony Hamilton has been providing some of the richest and most soulful vocals anywhere so we are very proud to get out the word about his recent set at NPR. Read more of this post

UrbanWorld Movie Festival 2016: Early Submission Deadline This Friday, April 1, 2016


We are very pleased to be supporting the amazing UrbanWorld Movie Festival for the second year.  As you may know, UWMF provides an outlet for underrepresented films including features, documentaries, shorts, etc from some of the World’s most talented filmmakers.   In addition,the five day 20th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival, which will be held September 21 – 25, 2016 in NYC includes  the Urbanworld Digital track which is focused on digital and social media, and Urbanworld Music, which highlights emerging talent in live performances during after party events.  Last year, we were amazed by the quality of the programming especially documentaries like Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives and Quest for Cuba: Questlove Brings Funk to Cuba. Read more of this post