Issa Gold Has a “Conversation With A Butterfly” [FULL DOWNLOAD] @Issa_Gold

Issa Gold Has a Conversation With A Butterfly

A member of The Underachievers collective, Issa Gold goes on a special journey to converse with a butterfly, among other zany things! This mixtape is only eight tracks, but in that time you get a real taste of his musicality. With jazz influenced sounds that reminds one of old school hip hop (The Pharcyde anyone?), Issa’s easy cadence matches well. Additionally, his lyrics are a much needed break from the regular club-based hip hop of the day. Instead, he gets back to the genre’s roots of story telling, replete with hood colloquialisms. This mixtape is definitely worth a spin!

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We Feel Good: “Get On Up” Premiere Week – Best of James Brown on Soul Train [FULL VIDEO] @GetOnUpMoive

James Brown Soul Train

As promised, we are keeping this party started! With the premiere of Get On Up just days away, we want to make sure that the James Brown sentiments are running high. Yesterday you saw a brief television appearance of James Brown, Bobby Byrd and The J.B.s. Today though, we want you to enjoy a full out flashback of fun and funk. This compilation is the best of James Brown’s appearances on Soul Train. You will want to get involved with this!
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“WILL SANG FOR FOOD” Homeless Man, Byon Artrell McCullough, Sings John Legends “All of Me” and NAILS IT!!!!

Just watch this. This brother is standing on the street singing his heart out for two young ladies who walk by. A.MAZE.ING.PERIOD.

More from BlackMediaScoop:
The South Carolina man is really homeless and he does offer to sing for people for food. If his new venture, which he has compiled into a series of online videos, leads to his dream of being in the music business that’s great. But if not, Byon Artrell McCullough, 28, said he’s happy that he has turned his life around and is reaching people through his biggest passion. – FULL STORY

Jeremih On a Winning Streak With “The End” ft. Chance the Rapper [FULL STREAM] @jeremih @chancetherapper

Jeremih On a Winning Streak With The End

Jeremih has been on the ears of every party goer this summer with his incredible joint “Don’t Tell Em” featuring YG. In a follow up to that groove, he has joined up with Chance the Rapper for “The End”. Together, Jeremih and one the Top Artists to Watch in 2014 have a simple, slinking song that hovers in that sweet spot between R&B and hip-hop. They keep the sex appeal subtle but evident. The production value is lowkey, and features a slowed down, almost trapped out beat at the very end.
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Kitty Cash and Willow Smith Make the Dreamy “8″ [FULL STREAM] @KittyCash_ @OfficialWillow

Kitty Cash and Willow Smith Make the Dreamy 8

Talk about women making moves! Firstly, DJ Kitty Kash is one incredible producer. Specializing in the new age, dream sequence like sounds, Kitty Cash is pushing the limits on what we know as soul music. This sublime track with Willow Smith is almost an existential examination. And- as always- Willow brings a seriousness and maturity to her music that goes beyond her almost 14 years.
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New Season of Unsung Premieres Tonight – Montell Jordan [VIDEO PREVIEW] @montelljordan @tvonetv

New Season of Unsung Premieres Tonight - Montell Jordan

TV One‘s groundbreaking documentary series Unsung returns to the airwaves tonight. As always, the show will explore some of the greatest artist in the industry whose talents are often overlooked, or stories go unheard. To begin the new season, Montell Jordan will be the focus of tonight’s episode. The “This is How We Do It Singer” explores the highlights of his career as well as his vices. The show premieres tonight at 8. Watch the preview of the show here!
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Soul Deep : The Story of Black Popular Music (Episode 1) [FULL VIDEO]

Soul Deep : The Story of Black Popular Music

No matter where you go, you can hear the influence of Black soul music. The style, the finesse, the cool–Black music gave birth to modern pop. But important to note, it’s been doing so for over six decades! This documentary series Soul Deep explores those deep roots. Enjoy the first episode here!
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Lenny Kravitz Makes The Summer Hotter With New Single “Sex” [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Lenny Kravitz Makes the Summer Hotter With Sex

Lenny Kravitz is a true rock star. Guitar, bass, and drums abound- that’s Kravitz’s style. And his new single “Sex” has plenty of it and then some. In Kravitz fashion as a sex symbol, it only makes sense that his latest record would be all about taunting and pleasing! While there is no true guitar solo– more of an extended vamp than anything– the riff is delightful and drums are pulsing. This is definitely a high energy record that raises the temperature!
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An Explosion of Three Divas – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang” [OFFICIAL AUDIO] @JessieJ @ArianaGrande @NICKIMINAJ

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

This is the stuff of pop fantasy. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj have all carved out their own niches in the modern pop soundscape. And so their convergence on this track seems at once unfathomable, and yet wholly expected. What is better than Ariana’s flirty voice, Jessie’s smoky voice, and Nicki’s bodacious rhymes all in one track? Not much, that’s what! Unless of course those voices are featured over a grand marching band type of beat A late entry in to the field, this song could very well claim the space as the summer break out hit. And if not, it will certainly be featured by a college band this football season!
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[REPOST] Flow Fourlin, “Music as a way of life” @FlowFourlin @osmojam

Happy to support French soul and an integral part of the French soul movement, Osmojam.   Going forward, we will be working with this awesome singer to bring you more of the underground from Paris and beyond.  Peep this great feature from her site,, on an up and coming artist, Flow Fourlin, that we helped to translate into English. Enjoy.
By Osmojam

I don’t stumble upon many articles dealing with how music makes one feel. For some, music can hardly trigger any emotion. For others, music is like a religion. For musician, Flow Fourlin, he believes music, for many people, is, “the soundtrack of their lives”. Every evening, this young French saxophonist, regardless of location, medidates during a solitary walk with his headphones comfortably in place. “When I listen to Naïma by John Coltrane, it resounds with some of my personal memories” he states. ” Therefore if i ever play this music, i can’t cheat”.

At 23 years old, he will soon begin a career in Los Angeles a side man, after having patiently built an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Black music. So, it will be difficult to see him live in France, but you can hear him on Leslie Phillips‘s album “Interlude”, or listen to one of his compositions on Akua Naru soon-to-be-released album, along with Cody Chesnutt and Christian Scott.

According to Flow, music is first and foremost, about people. Thus, you don’t really play soul or R&B music without knowing anything about the story of the genre, or the legacy the pioneers wanted to transmit. That is probably why he has a problem with the use of the word “jazz”, just like his mentor, the trumpet player, Nicholas Payton. Payton regrets that the rebellious dimension of this music is often put aside. In collective imagination, jazz is too often associated to musical elitism, to the establishment, or relegated to performances in smoky nightclubs, where you have to wear a suit.


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We Feel Good- “Get On Up” Premiere Week: James Brown, Bobby Byrd and The JBs [RARE VIDEO] @NelsanEllis @ChadwickBoseman

Get On Up Premiere Week Rare James Brown

It’s time for all of the real soulheads to “Get On Up”! This Friday is the premiere of the highly anticipated biopic of James Brown, Get On Up. With an all-star cast including Chadwick Boseman (42), Nelsan Ellis (True Blood), and Jill Scott ( perennial favorite), this movie has got to be extraordinary!

To curb our enthusiasm (or, to build it further!) we wish to present to you a week long series of  RARE James Brown videos and performances. To kick this thing off, we present this rare t.v. performance from 1971. It features James Brown as well as his right hand man, Bobby Byrd and their incredible band, The J.B.s. Apropos, they are performing “Get Involved”. You should!
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Common Still Controls the Crowd [FULL VIDEO] @Common @jimmykimmel @vincestaples @JheneAiko

Common Still Controls the Crowd

Common is not messing around with his anti-violence message. After a huge week with the release of his new album and quite a few interviews on the air, he made a trip to the El Capitan theater for a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Performing two songs, Common came with much energy and dynamic motion, showing that even as he claims a stake as “elder statesmen” he can still rock a crowd. For the show, he brought along Jhene Aiko for  “Blak Majik” and Artist to Watch  Vince Staples on the track “Kingdom”.
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Zaki Ibrahim Every Opposite – A Rediscovered Jewel [FULL STREAM] @zakiibrahim

Zaki Ibrahim Every Opposite

Two years ago, Zaki Ibrahim released a hauntingly spectacular album that demonstrated what soul could be in this day and age. Refreshingly upbeat, yet grounded without pop-like theatrics, Every Opposite is an album that moves to a good pace and invites your body to do the same. Ibrahim is a native of Canada, and recorded this album in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hearing these sounds from across the soul diaspora makes us feel a greater connection to the collective consciousness that makes our music that much richer.
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G-Unit is on the “Come Up” [FULL STREAM + DOWNLOAD] @50Cent @Lloydbanks @youngbuck @TonyYayo

G-Unit is on the Come Up

Ever since their performance earlier this summer at Hot 97‘s Summer Jam, 50 Cent and the rest of the G-Unit crowd has been steadily garnering attention. This new song “Come Up” speaks to many of their familiar themes; money and more of it. While the rhymes are what we’ve come to expect from the crew, it is good to hear their voices, full of east coast swagger. And what’s more enjoyable is their choice of song sample, the Gap Band‘s “Outstanding”.

You can both listen to and download the new song here!
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EL DeBarge and Pebbles Secret Love Child to Release Tell All Book #WhoKnew

EL DeBarge and Pebbles Secret Love Child to Release Tell All Book #WhoKnew

Wow! Just Wow.  Who Knew?   Perhaps “All This Love” by Debarge was written for Pebbles. lol.

From CentricTV:

R&B singers El Debarge and Pebbles’ secret love child is gearing up to release a shocking tell-all book next month.

Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, 20 (pictured below), is set to release Deceptions of Achieving, a memoir detailing his life in the shadow of his two R&B star parents, and how their decision not to acknowledge him negatively affected his life.  Read more of this post

Golden Soul : Freda Payne Come Back to Me Love by Michael A. Gonzales [FEATURE] @gonzomike @FregregPayne

Come Back to Me Love - Freda Payne

Golden Soul : Freda Payne Come Back to Me Love
by Michael A. Gonzales

At seventy-one, vocalist Freda Payne is still doing her thing. An ageless beauty who tours the world singing her iconic hits “Band of Gold,” “Deeper and Deeper,” “Bring the Boys Home,” as well as a few beloved jazz covers, Payne has returned to the studio to record her first new project since 2007.

“I’ve waited a long time to record an album like Come Back to Me Love,” Payne says in her still sultry voice from her Los Angeles home. “Doing the R&B stuff kind of widened me and gave me more of a variety and acceptance in the world, as far as getting to the public, but I always knew one day I’d get back to singing jazz.”

A Detroit native, Payne began her career as a jazz singer, performing with Duke Ellington and Quincy Jones while still a teenager. Before being transformed into a Black pop princess in the early 1970s, Payne’s debuted with the Bob Thiele produced After the Lights Go Low and Much More in 1964.

“I had gone to New York City when I was eighteen and was performing with Lionel Hampton,” Payne says “When I was about 19, I got that deal with ABC-Paramount/Impulse as a jazz singer. My first single was a lyrical version of the Stan Getz song ‘Desafinado.’ The single on was on ABC-Paramount, but the album was on the Impulse label.”
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Saul Williams On The Scent : Capitalism and Culture [ARTICLE + ORIGINAL COMMENTARY] @SaulWilliams @iamKENNYLEON @RollingStone @Jasonrnewman

Williams On The Scent : Capital and Culture

We all know by now of the unfortunate early close to the highly anticipated, Holler If Your Hear Me. And show star Saul Williams has been very vocal about the cultural stagnation that caused a story like the Tupac-based musical to fail on Broadway. In this article in Rolling Stone, Williams speaks more pointedly about the state of hip-hop and the flow of money and power that backs some artists and not others. Without giving too much away, Iggy Azalea is mentioned in conversation.

Indeed, we feel that Williams is right in his overall assessment of the situation; the typical Broadway crowd does not have the cultural capital to understand the brilliance of Tupac, nor maybe even the patience to connect with a story such as this. Particularly, Williams- as in his interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club- is on the scent when he criticizes the low audience attendance and poor reviews. He is being critical about the zeitgeist of race in America and how it haunts most forms of the entertainment that is deemed “culturally relevant” in our society. In a society desiring to divest itself from the labors of real-world problems such as youth gun violence, the “Arts and Entertainment” aspect of Broadway has lost the cerebral and introspective art, in favor of the mindless, digestable entertainment.
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Further on the Rise : Unlocking The Truth [ALBUM PREORDER + FULL VIDEO] @UTTBand

You Need to Know About Them : Unlocking the Truth

Teenagers are often maligned figures in society. What with their angsty moments and awkward social interactions, teenagers– especially middle aged school teenagers– don’t really get much of the credit they are due. Indeed, it is always the younger generation whom, of necessity, usher in new tastes and sounds for the rest of us. Never could that case be more clear than with Unlocking The Truth.

Last year soulhead we first presented the boys as they were building steam, and they have not stopped moving since! These boys contrast sharply- in all of the right ways- from what you  think about when you think of Black boy bands. Unlocking the Truth is a Brooklyn based teen metal band, and these boys are serious about their craft. Playing heavy metal music for half of their young lives, they know how to really energize a crowd. Comprised of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, the band is poised to revolutionize metal music. While the boys don’t do much singing, they do have some vocal tracks, which will indeed get better in time. Playing festivals since last year (including Coachella), they will be a featured band at this year’s Afro Punk. They have just launched a pledge campaign for their debut album which you can support here. It has even just been announced that they will be the subject of a Sony produced documentary!

Check out this video of them playing Austin, TX “Heart of Austin” fest this summer and prepare to be blown away.
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Adrian Marcel Weak After Next [FULL STREAM] @AdrianMarcel510 @RaphaelSaadiq

Adrian Marcel Weak After Next

Adrian Marcel has come a far way since Raphael Saadiq first presented him to the music industry last year. With a successful single in “2AM“, Marcel is upholding the banner of Bay Area soul. Weak After Next is a the follow up mixtape to 2013′s 7 Days Of Weak.

Marcel on his own is talented, but this piece is elevated by all the special guest artists. The tape features guest spots from young guns Kirko Bangz and Casey Veggies, California Legends like E-40 and Snoop Dogg, and the ever impressive Kelly Rowland.

You can stream the full mixtape here!
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Saigon Offers a “Sinner’s Prayer” – ft. Papoose and Omar Epps [FULL DOWNLOAD] @TheRealSaigon @Papooseonline @OmarEpps

Saigon Offers a Sinner's Prayer - ft Papoose and Omar Epps

Things are starting to look good for rapper Saigon. The rapper known for his appearances on HBO’s  Entourage is now in a space to launch the type of music that he wants the world to hear. Holding high the mantle of enlightened hip hop that speaks truth to power from some of America‘s most forgotten about parts, Saigon brings us this song “Sinner’s Prayer”. Framed as a rhetorical question, the rapper wants to find solace and peace after a life of crime of necessity. Adding to the project, he brings in Papoose and Juice star, Omar Epps on the tape.

You can download the full track here!
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