#LongPlayLove: Common’s Like Water for Chocolate – Celebrating 15 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @common @questlove @TheDangelo @gonzomike @ronworthy

Happy 15th Birthday to Common’s fourth LP Like Water for Chocolate, originally released March 28, 2000.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. – better known as Common – was introduced to tens of millions of people around the globe, for the very first time, with his impassioned speech following his and collaborator John Legend’s deserving Best Original Song triumph at last month’s Academy Awards. While Common is just now garnering broader household name recognition, and rightfully so, there are many of us who have been well acquainted with the man and his music for just shy of a quarter-century. Read more of this post

Brooklynn -The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop [FULL EP] @brooklynnmusic

Brooklynn - The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop

Brooklynn -The Songstress Mixing Soul, Rock, and Pop

With her name, it only makes sense that an artist would be as eclectic as the city she represents. Brooklynn’s style of music is on first listen seemingly pop- made for summer time anthems blaring from radios. But substantiating this fun vocals is something resonant and rich that is steeped in soul music. Her debut self-titled EP brings as nice heady blend of all these many sounds. We were first put on notice by the gripping “Friends”, but were equally impressed by the other four tracks. You can hear the full EP below!
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#LongPlayLove: Digital Underground’s Sex Packets – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @HumptyFunk @moneyb69


Happy 25th Birthday to Digital Underground’s debut LP Sex Packets, originally released March 26, 1990.

“Just havin’ fun y’all
And if you think that it’s wrong
You got to admit
It’s a new type of song”

If there is one verse that perfectly encapsulates Digital Underground’s music, well, I’d argue that it’s this one, from the Oakland-bred group’s debut single “Doowutchyalike,” released in the fall of 1989. When I first heard their unapologetic ode to party-fueled hedonism, I was blown away by the irresistible joie de vivre of their distinctive sound. Desperate to hear more from them, I wanted to figure out how to get my hands on an invitation to the next debauchery-filled affair they planned to orchestrate. Read more of this post

Morgan James – Maps (Vintage 1970s Soul Maroon 5 Cover) + FULL ALBUM STREAM @morganajames @scottbradlee @pmjofficial @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @maroon5 @adamlevine @wbls1075nyc #BlueEyedSoul

Morgan James

First, let us say that we were just blown away by the performance of this cover tune via singer Morgan James, musician/producer Scott Bradlee and the folks at Postmodern Jukebox.  Without even knowing we were already fans, we jumped into listening to the song and realized that we had been listening to her Prince cover of Call My Name for the past couple months on NYC’s WBLS.  Not only is Morgan serious looker but she has the pipes and charisma to back it up.  Adam Levine and Maroon 5 may want to consider bringing her along on their next tour. Read more of this post

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy [FULL STREAM] @officialgrace @g_eazy

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy

Classic Gets Modern Update by New Lights Grace and G-Eazy

You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore had a sort of feminist flair in the earlier 60’s which made it a pop-powerhouse to independence. Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, the song was a hot contender alongside The Beatles. This updated version from singer Grace, featuring Oakland-native G-Eazy, is full modernized and is as every bit as beautiful as the original. Blessed too with the power of Jones on this take, this soulful update can be a launching pad for both of these new talents.

Listen to the full audio below.
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Hunting for Prince’s Vault Documentary BBC News [FULL AUDIO] @Mobeen_Azhar @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @

Hunting for Prince's Vault Documentary BBC News [FULL AUDIO] @Mobeen_Azhar @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @
Anyone who love Prince or even remotely interested has heard about the Vault.  This is an amazing journey into the search for the Vault and we commend BBC News for making this happen.  Thoroughly enjoying.  Kudos to Mobeen Azhar from the BBC for the work you put into this.   Read more of this post

New Prince Produced Album with Judith Hill Called Back In Time FREE DOWNLOAD

We are not sure why the music Gods have shined on us but get this one while you can.  Thanks Live Nation for sending this our way.  For those of you who do not know Judith Hill, please know that she is a vocal titan who you may remember from Michael Jackson’s This is It movie and album of the same name. More recently, she was featuring in the amazing documentary about background singers called 10 Feet From Stardom.  Truly amazing opportunity to hear something new and likely amazing from these two.  Apparently, Prince had a private listening party for this joint this weekend so peep it while you can.

Stream It Here:


Tinashe Drops New “Amethyst” Mixtape [FULL STREAM] @tinashe

Tinashe Drops New "Amethyst" Mixtape


Tinashe drops new “Amethyst” mixtape. The 7-track project from the R&B artist comes only a few months after her debut album “Aquarius,” and features production from Ryan Hemsworth, DJ Dahi, and Ritz Reynolds, to name a few. The mixtape is a result of Tinashe’s bedroom studio sessions over the past Christmas break. “Amethyst” is named after Tinashe’s birthstone and is meant to be a “thank you gift” to her fans for always believing in her.


Check out “Amethyst” by Tinashe

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Rare Essence Crankin’ at SXSW @REWickedestBand #SXSW2015

In case you missed it, Washington, D.C. Go Go Legends Rare Essence turned out the South By Southwest conference last week.   In true Essence flavor, the rocked the classic “Do You Know What Time It is?” routine featuring the lyrics from Kool Moe Dee‘s favorite of the same name.  Then they took it to the next level with Who Comes to Boogie/Freak A Deak along with a tribute to the late Go-Go Legends Lil’ Benny and Foots.  Amazing stuff! So proud of our DC homeboys! Read more of this post

Soulection Honors Sade’s Legacy in Style with “Love Is King” Compilation of Reimagined Songs @Soulection @SadeOfficial


Call it laudable ambition or foolish hubris, but the L.A.-based Soulection music collective has curated a brand new compilation of reimagined, remixed, and reinterpreted tracks from Sade’s prolific catalog. Admittedly, before the soulhead team gave it a proper listen, we were a bit skeptical. Naturally. It takes a hefty dose of bravado to touch the damn-near flawless songcraft of the iconic Ms. Adu. Read more of this post

Chic featuring Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO @nilerodgers @karliekloss #IllBeThere


Listening to this while posting and we are really loving this new track which feels fresh and retro at the same time.  Featuring the unmistakable Chic rhythm section sound with Mr. Nile Rodgers holding court, this track masterfully intertwines lush female vocals and even a little robotic nod to Daft Punk into the mix.  Well done sir.  We look forward to hearing this one for years to come and you continue to remain as relevant as ever.  Kudos!

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Chic’s Nile Rodgers’ and a Documentary for New Song “I’ll Be There” [VIDEO] @nilerodgers

Amazing quick doc/interview with music legend, Nile Rodgers. Enjoy as he discusses the process for the latest Chic song, Ill Be There. Amazing stuff. Kudos to LA soulhead Frederick Sparks for the lookout on this. Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison – Celebrating 25 Years by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick @OfficialBBD @MrRickyBell @MikeBiv @RonDeVoe

Happy 25th Birthday to Bell Biv DeVoe’s debut LP Poison, originally released March 20, 1990.

It’s hard to believe, but more than thirty years have passed since five precociously talented young gentlemen released their debut album together as New Edition. 1983’s Candy Girl marked the official beginning of the Boston-bred group’s storied career, which has proven time and time again to be one of the most remarkable and enduring phenomena in music history. Read more of this post

NEW: James Chatburn x Jordan Rakei “Holiday Love” Deserves A Listen [FULL STREAM] @jordanrakei @jameschatburn

James Chatburn x Jordan Rakei "Holiday Love" Deserves A Listen

NEW James Chatburn and Jordan Rakei “Holiday Love” deserves a listen. Soulhead.com is no stranger to the smooth sounds of Jordan Rakei. This time he’s collaborated with Australian Singer/Producer James Chatburn to bring us “Holiday Love.” The R&B/Jazz/Soul lovers should have this one on repeat for a while. Have a Listen!

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@BET’s Neighborhood Based Series #BLX Visits Kem’s Home Town [VIDEO] @MusicbyKEM

BET's Neighborhood Based Series #BLX Goes to Kem's Home Town

BET’s Neighborhood Based Series #BLX Visits Kem’s Home Town

BET’s series BLX (pronounced “Blocks”), has been detailing the home environments of many of our favorite artists and entertainers. In a video no more than four minutes long, we get intimate pieces of narrative from the people who’s art inspires us. This week, they make the trip to Detroit, MI to visit Kem’s hometown. In a moment of honesty, Kem takes us to his old haunts as a homeless man and an addict. Listen to him tell his story in the video below.
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Love, Peace and Soulquarians by Michael Gonzales @gonzomike @qtiptheabstract @questlove @common

Love, Peace and Soulquarians
By Michael A. Gonzales

Recently I had a conversation with my homie Andrea Rose Clarke aka Sister from Another Planet, about my lack of enthusiasm for reading poetry. There are, of course, a few exceptions, which includes the works of Amiri Baraka, Bob Kaufman, Victor Hernández Cruz and, especially Ntozake Shange. These poets crafted work that made me feel electricity flowing through their words. Reading their poems way back in my Harlem youth, it was like listening to a textual radio as the words danced on the page, fell on their knees like James Brown, steady head nodding and cold sweat dripping to a serious groove.

I live in music,” Shange wrote in 1972, “I walk around a piano like somebody else/be walkin on the earth.” Thumbing through a well-worn copy of her slim, but brilliant, book Nappy Edges, her love of all music, be it gospel or jazz, soul or funk, was absorbed into her work like a harmonic fusion gumbo. Indeed, the same thrill I get from the textual music of Shange compares with the feelings I feel whenever the musical voodoo children known as the Soulquarians come roaring like onyx-colored ocean from the stereo speakers of whatever Starbucks or supermarket I’m in.

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Another New Pharrell Produced Snoop Track- “Awake” [FULL STREAM] @I_AM_OTHER @SnoopDogg

Another New Pharrell Produced Snoop Track

Another New Pharrell Produced Snoop Track- “Awake”

Last week, Snoop debuted his first new song in a while, “Peaches n Cream”. The groovy number produced by Pharrell featured Uncle Charlie Wilson. This new song “Awake” also boasts Pharrell Williams on the track. While not as quite as funky as Peaches, it’s still Uncle Snoop. If these songs are to be an indicator of what’s to come, Snoop is departing from heavy rhymes or even reggae jams and taking on this post-post-modern fusion of funk, pop, and hip-hop on his forthcoming album, Bush.
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Shi Wisdom Does an Acapella Cover of “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” [FULL STREAM] @shiwisdom



Shi Wisdom Does an Acapella Cover of “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” It’s always refreshing to hear a new cover of an old classic. It allows us to enjoy our favorite tracks in a new light and resurrects our appreciation for the original. Toronto Singer/Songwriter Shi Wisdom does just that with her acapella cover of Boyz II Men’s “Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.”


Have a Listen!


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To Pimp A Butterfly is Not an Album; It’s a Manifesto – Review by Yvorn Aswad @kendricklamar

To Pimp a Butterfly is Not an Album; It's  a Manifesto

To Pimp A Butterfly is Not an album; It’s a Manifesto

Review by Yvorn Aswad

At the time of publication, there have been 38 homicides of Black people in Los Angeles county in the year 2015. In a city that makes up only 10% of the population, Black people account for nearly 40% of the murders.

These statistics answer  a question posed on Kendrick Lamar‘s new album To Pimp a Butterfly. Posited on the song “I” (the very same song that seemed pop and tame in its affirmations of self-love), Kendrick a la James Brown circa April 4, 1968, breaks up a near altercation by simply asking “this year alone, how many niggas have we lost?” Read more of this post

Johnny Gill featuring New Edition – This One [FULL SONG STREAM] @RealJohnnyGill

Mr. Gill steps to the fore for this one and invites his NE brethren (mostly Ralph and Ricky) to bless the mic on this long from his latest album, Game Changer.  This smooth track has radio potential and will certainly be a highlight as they  work on a reunion album.  Enjoy. Read more of this post

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