James Gardin – Clock In [FULL DOWNLOAD] @JamesGardin

James Gardin - Clock In

James Gardin – Clock In

An Alt R&B brother by appearance,with a smooth rap flow, James Gardin garners much respect for his cool, clean aesthetic, and stag-in-headlight looks. But what’s best is the smooth voice to go with it. Sampling from Chaka Khan‘s “Hollywood“, Gardin has a hit on his hands with Clock In. You can learn more about Gardin from his (hilarious, candid, and inspirational) twitter, or just by delving deeper into his music! Download to Clock In below.
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“Don’t Shoot” – Hip Hop Artists Support #MikeBrown with #BlackProtest Music

Don't Shoot - #BlackProtestMusic

This is important. Channelling the frustrations of the past few weeks, this group of Black artists banned together to create a track dedicated to Mike Brown and all other Black lives who have been taken due to obscene levels of violence. A conglomerate that features The Game, Rick Ross, Wale, Diddy, Fabolous, Curren$y, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, DJ Khaled, Problem, King Pharaoh, and TGT.

In the very haunting, simple lyrics “God ain’t put us on this Earth to get murdered”, this song is a declaration of the Hip-Hop generation that we will not abide by the violence that destroys us. Just listen to the song, and DO NOT let the fire burn out!
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#TBT When Everyone Listened to Everything by Ron Worthy + WAVA 105 FM Washington DC TV Commercial Circa 1985 [VIDEO]

By Ron Worthy

Back in the 1980′s, there were a plethora of radio options.  As a kid growing up in Washington, D.C., I was surrounded by a mix blend of soul, funk, disco, hip-hop and of course, go-go.   However, like many of my peers, I also grew up listening to rock music, from classic artists like AC/DC to 80′s stalwarts Journey and Def Leppard and hair bands like Ratt and Motley Crue. Read more of this post

Rapping With the Jackson 5 #tbt [RARE INTERVIEW]

Rapping With the Jackson 5

Rapping With the Jackson 5! This Thursday, we take a step back in to the past, listening to a rare radio spot with the Jackson 5.

In this interview from 1970 (only three years after their fateful performance at Harlem’s the Apollo Theater), the brothers get together to share a truly intimate, unstrained moment of life and love together. With Michael taking the charge, he asks Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon questions about their hobbies, love for show business, and girlfriends. No question is off limit! Less of an interview, and more of a moment of brotherly love, this is truly a rare interview that you must hear! And to compliment the interview, rare footage from the Jackson 5 early days run throughout the footage. Check it out below.
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The Story of Rough Trade Records [FULL DOCUMENTARY] @RoughTradeRecs

The Story of Rough Trade Records

The Story of Rough Trade Records is a fascinating one that details the birth of independent music. This documentary produced by the BBC explores that origins story and details where they are today. Here’s more from the Rough Trade’s wikipedia page.

Rough Trade Records is an independent record label based in London. It was formed in 1978 by Geoff Travis who had opened a record store off Ladbroke Grove. Having successfully promoted and sold records by punk, very early indie pop and early post-punk bands such as BuzzcocksThe Smiths and Desperate Bicycles, Travis began to manage acts and distribute bands such as Scritti Politti and began the label, which was informed by left-wing politics and structured as a co-operative. Soon after, Rough Trade also set up a distribution arm that serviced independent retail outlets across Britain, a network that became known as theCartel.

Interest and investment of major labels in the UK indie scene in the late 1980s, as well as overtrading on behalf of Rough Trade’s distribution wing, led to cash flow problems, and eventually to bankruptcy, forcing the label into receivership. However, Travis resurrected the label in the late 90s, finding success with The LibertinesThe Strokes and Antony and the Johnsons.

Watch the full documentary about all this and more below the jump.
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Eminem Bares All in “Guts Over Fear” ft Sia [FULL DOWNLOAD]

Eminem Guts Over Fear Ft Sia

Eminem Bares All in “Guts Over Fear” ft Sia. The top-selling MC of all time has this new song that, in prototypical Marshall fashion, is autobiographical and authentic.

As most of Eminem’s song, this number does not shy away from his feelings. He is honest about how tired the industry has been, and how he feels like his music sometimes plateaus, saying that he “makes the same songs”. And, again, true to form, the story is told with his rap cadence of fast punches of snappy verses and more melodic bits of slow talking. What really brings this track together is Sia’s chorus. The “Titanium” singer has her usual vocal acrobatics here although, admittedly not as high flying as in her single “Chandelier”.

Check out the full track below the jump. And download it!

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Sinead Harnett Wants to Take You to “Paradise” [FULL STREAM] @SineadHarnett

Sinead Wants to Take You to Paradise

Sinead Harnett Wants to Take You to “Paradise”. With an angelic voice like hers, it won’t be so hard!

This London based beauty has a soulful voice with a sweet timbre that makes this song easy to sit into and groove. With a cadence similar to her Alt R&B contemporaries, especially SZA, Sinead differs in that her music and production is a bit more traditional, 9os style R&B. “Paradise” has the ability to be a popular number, namely because of Sinead’s voice. Listen to the full track below and enjoy!
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Ever Wondered What Happened to Troop? Watch Unsung! [FULL PREVIEW] @tvonetv

Ever Wondered What Happened to Troop?

Ever Wondered What Happened to Troop? Watch Unsung!

Tonight’s episode of the megahit documentary series takes a look at yet another 90′s boy band (earlier this summer, they featured Hi-Five). This week’s treatment centers on the band Troop. Hailing from the Los Angeles suburb city of Pasadena, the five-membered group were a sensation in the 90s as primarily an R&B band that did amazing covers. The group would go on to have several best selling albums. But since the late 90s, they have been in and out of the spotlight. Watch their origins story, and then see how they came to the point they are out now, all on tonight’s episode of Unsung. To catch the preview, watch below!
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Allo Love – Volume Four , by Wah Wah 45s [FULL ALBUM STREAM] @wahwah45s

Allo Love - Volume Four, by Wah Wah 45s

Allo Love – Volume Four , by Wah Wah 45s.

In their own words, here is the fourth volume of “All Love”


The fourth instalment of our Allo Love series sees our queen of dark, electronic soul, Lea Lea, step up to the plate to shed some light in to her mysterious musical world. As ever with this lady, there’s nothing predictable about her selection, whether it be the rasping, bluesy vocals and moody bass of ex-Belleruche vocalist Kathrin de Boer, the deconstructed ambient offerings of Japan’s Yosi Horikawa or the up-tempo dancehall beats of DJ Vadim, Lea Lea will always keep us guessing!
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Diggs Duke is “The Pinnacle (Of Class And Taste)” [FULL STREAM] @DiggsDuke @brownswood

Diggs Duke is The Pinnacle of Class and Taste

Diggs Duke is “The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)”.

Or so the title of his new song claims! And if the music of the young soul brother is to be his evidence to that claim, then we have to agree with him. Experimental but fresh, and rooted in the sounds of old school R&B, Diggs Duke has released as third single from his upcoming project The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions, which will be released by soulhead.com favorites, Brownswood Recordings. On first listen, Diggs has a neo-soul, almost D’Angelo sound. But you can hear the layers of 21st century production to his song, with the almost haunting beeps and boops in the chorus. And then suddenly, piano keys sneak up on you. The well produced track was made by Diggs. We hope to hear more from his as a singer and producer! Stream the full song below!
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Martha Wash Full Episode of Unsung [FULL EPISODE] @tvonetv

Martha Wash Full Episode of Unsung

Martha Wash Full Episode of Unsung

It’s time for everybody to dance now! Martha Wash, the original Weather Girl and full-bodied voice behind such well known numbers as “Gonna Make You Sweat” has gotten the full Unsung treatment. On the most recent episode of TV One‘s documentary series, we explore the life and times of what made this diva such a phenomenal figure in her day. The episode even features her legal battle with not being able to get credit for “Gonna Make You Sweat”, due to her image as a full figured woman. Last week, we brought you the preview. Now you can watch the full episode below!
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Soul Surprised Afro Punk by @ErickaBlount @Deangelo @Questlove

By Ericka Blount Danois and Walter Blount

The revered Afro Punk festival rolled into Brooklyn again this year by the tens of thousands, with eclectic costumes, and a crowd with an irreverent sense of humor and a hearty appetite for black rock, punk and soul. Two of the best received bands out of an impressive line-up that included Alice Smith, Lianne LaHavas, The Internet, Shabazz Palaces, Meshell Ndegeocello and Tamar-Kali, were Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Fishbone. Read more of this post

Prince Announces Two New Albums and Delivers First Single, ‘Clouds’ @3rdEyeGirl @3rdEyeBoy

This is awesome news!  After releasing a string of hot singles over the past few years, the Purple 1 announced 2 new albums today plus a new amazing song called ‘Clouds.’  We are really digging this and cannot wait for both LPs. Read more of this post

Sheila E. Was Engaged to Prince! Other Details in New Memoir [REPOST] @SheilaEdrummer

Sheilla E Was Engaged to Prince!

Sheila E. Was Engaged to Prince!

This is but one of many admissions from percussionist Sheila E. in her new memoir Beat of My Own Drum. From the onset, Sheila E.’s life is storied and interlaced with so many celebrities and big personas, it also seems fictitious. But in fact, it is not! The daughter of Latin percussionist, Peter Escovedo, this memoir tells the story of Sheila’s family relations with Lionel and Nicole Richie, her tour with Marvin Gaye, and her intense love relationships with both Carlos Santana and, his Purple Majesty himself! Going through the life of Sheila E., her memoir is personal and poignant- sharing embarrassing moments of diva-indulgence, and glorious moments of being the incredible percussionist that she is. Read the article below to get details of the memoir, and be sure to order a copy of the book and talk to your friends about it! Indeed, it is truly about the glamorous life!
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[REPOST] Yannick Claire’s Got His Gospel Education @YannickClaire @Osmojam

Yannick Claire's Got His Gospel Education

Yannick Claire’s Got His Gospel Education

A continuation of our re-posts from Osmojam’s brilliant FrenchSoulIsNotDead.Comwe present another work about the artist Yannick Claire.

The stage is his playground. Whether before two thousands people in a big concert hall or sparse audience in a little lounge bar, Yannick Claire puts all his heart into his performance. At only thirty years old, this Parisian singer already has fifteen years of experience as a background singer and as solo artist. In private parties, weddings or performances in concert halls, he’s one of the artists, who actively contribute to keep soul and R&B alive in France. Yannick has also been a part of numerous gospel choirs since his beginning including Gospel Messenger TempleGospellissimo, and Gospel Life & Harmony to name a few. He  has learned through these experiences to always try his best to bring comfort, love and happiness to his fans.

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Reggae Days : Beres Hammond at Rotom Sunsplash 2012 [FULL VIDEO] @BeresHammondOJ

Beres Hammond at Rotom Susnsplash 2012

Beres Hammond at Rotom Sunsplash 2012

Rotom Sunsplash is one of Europe’s greatest reggae festival. Today marks the day of the final performances of this year’s festival. However, here is footage of reggae great Beres Hammond at the 2012 show. The artist known for his romatic lyrics and soulful sounds took on the festival and rocked the crowd for over half an hour. Enjoy the full video below.
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“The Field : Miami” Takes a Look at The True Miami [FULL FILM] @WORLDSTAR

The Field Miami Takes a Look at the True Miami

“The Field : Miami” Takes a Look at The True Miami

World Star Hip Hop, infamous for their videos that at present less savory images of Black folk, have continued in their original documentary series “The Field”. A follow up to their previous doc on Chicago, this film about life in Miami chronicles the day-to-day of aspiring rappers from the parts of Miami often times left out by stereotypical images of Miami. Venturing into neighborhoods torn apart by violence and drugs, the rappers featured in this video are young men looking for a means to express themselves. In addition, the video features the wisdom of men from older generations, as well as Miami hip-hop stars Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke.
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Ashford and Simpson – Is It Still Good to Ya? [RARE VIDEO]

Ashford and Simpson Is It Still Good To Ya

Ashford and Simpson – Is It Still Good to Ya?

Honoring the life of Nick Ashford, the couple performs one of their duets together. This rare video shows the dynamic love that they shared over the course of the decades. It is this love that influenced their musicality throughout the years. Enjoy this wonderful moment of absolute devotion.
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Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson Talk “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” [RARE INTERVIEW] #InMemoriam

Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson Talk Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson Talk “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough“.

Today marks three years since the passing of the lyrical genius, Nick Ashford. He and his wife and writing partner, Valerie Simpson, are without a doubt the most powerful writing team in soul history. In this rare interview, the two of them talk together about Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell‘s massive duet “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Having more than just a sense of writing the song, Ashford and Simpson knew the artists and spoke on their attributes. In this way, Ashford and Simpson were not just writers for the genre, but historians, able to pass down the legacy of the culture.

We thank you, Nick Ashford, for the rich history you gave us.
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