Flashback Friday: The Jacksons Show You the Way to Go #fbf

Flashback Friday: The Jacksons Show You the Way to Go

Flashback Friday: The Jacksons Show You the Way to Go

The world has been all over the place these past few weeks. Take a load off this Friday morning, letting the Jackson‘s show you the way to go! Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon performed this 1977 concert at Musikladen. By the late ’70s they were well seasoned into their early adulthood and were making music that reflected it. “Show You the Way to Go” most certainly exemplifies that. This is an incredible performance, and in watching it, you can see the hints that Michael had “arrived” and was ready to launch what would be considered the greatest solo career of any pop musician– ever.
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DJ Obeezy : President Obama Reveals Details About White House Dance Parties [REPOST]

DJ Obeezy : President Obama Reveals Details About White House Parties

DJ Obeezy : President Obama Reveals Details About White House Dance Parties

In case you were looking for another reason to still love President Obama and have faith in him, this will warm your heart. According to a report yesterday on Good Morning America, the President has confessed to having old school dance parties in the Yellow Room. A part of their larger article coming out in People magazine tomorrow about their experiences as the first Black Occupants at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this is a fun little story addition. We knew that the Obamas were soul aficionados, what with the President singingLet’s Stay Together“, and the invite for American Idol alum Josh Ledet to come serenade them at the White House. But nonetheless, it’s reassuring to hear that they keep the soul vibe alive and well.

“Friday night. In the Yellow Oval. We had some guests over. It was a small group,” Obama told the magazine when asked about the last time he danced.

“Somebody wanted to dance. And Barack was the deejay,” Mrs. Obama explained.

Obama said his playlist included selections from rock legends.

“We started with Aretha’s ‘Rock Steady.’ Sly and the Family Stone,” he said. “Then we ended the night on Al Green, and everybody did a slow dance.”

Check out the full story below.
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Nicki Minaj – The PinkprintAlbum Review by Thembisa S. Mshaka @nickiminaj @putyrdreams1st

The Reinvention of Nicki Minaj
By Thembisa S. Mshaka

“I had to reinvent I but the V in ‘vent’ Cherish these nights/Cherish these people/Life is a movie/but there will never be a sequel/And I’m good with that/As long as I’m peaceful/As long s seven years from now I’m taking my daughter to  preschool“ –Nicki Minaj, “All Things Go” Read more of this post

Kendrick Lamar Proclaims “The Black Man Don’t Die. We Multiply” [NEW SONG] @kendricklamar @annathewise @bilal @thundercat

Kendrick Proclaims The Black Man Don't Die. We Multiply

Kendrick Lamar Proclaims “The Black Man Don’t Die. We Multiply”

Last night, Kendrick Lamar took to the stage of the Colbert Report (and the last musical guest of the show ever!) to debut his new, untitled track. The new song is a collaboration between the acclaimed artist and fellow soul-funk musicians, Bilal, Thunder Cat, and powerfully voice Anna Wise (who has collaborated with Kendrick in the past). The performance is a tour de force of energy that had this lingering effect of a Gil Scott Herron spoken word piece. To that end though, there was indeed something haunting and troublesome about Kendrick’s performance, as if perhaps the space in which he is tapping into for his writing is also causing him harm. Nonetheless, the song is provocative and stirring. Also, K. Dot borrowed from the animated hood classic Bebe’s Kids to declare that “We Don’t Die. We Multiply”. Check out the full performance below.
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D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Black Messiah Album Review by Yvorn Aswad @TheDangelo

D'Angelo and The Vanguard - Black Messiah Album Review by Yvorn Aswad

D’Angelo and The VanguardBlack Messiah Album Review by Yvorn Aswad

Chocolate nostalgia in the highest!

When D’Angelo- easily the patron saint of the neosoul music- announced that he would release his first album in essentially 15 years, the world stopped to do a double take. Titling the new album Black Messiah, the artist’s and his band The Vanguard, evoked a level of fantasy and excitement that captured our imaginations.

When an artist has been gone this long there are two questions on our mind: where have you been and what’s taken so long? A third question that no one ever has the courage to ask, but everyone is thinking is – does he still have it? Has our cultural adoration of this legend elevated him to a space that he can never compete?
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#LongPlayLove – The 2014 Edition: Celebrating the Year’s 10 Best New Albums by Justin Chadwick @justin_chadwick


Each December, as Thanksgiving blurs into the rearview and the new year beckons, my music geekdom catches serious fire, and I find myself daydreaming about the LPs that I’ve been most thankful for during the year past.

So today’s Long Play Love article is a bit of a nuanced one, as it celebrates not the classic albums that were released in years past, but rather my ten favorite albums that have been unveiled in the past 11 months or so. Plus another twenty noteworthy albums that narrowly missed the cut, but warrant recognition nevertheless.  And as with all “year-end best-of” lists, the one that follows admittedly and unapologetically reflects the very subjective sentiments of its author.

Read on at your own risk, understanding that the following post is heavily biased toward the particular tastes of yours truly. Nevertheless, I suspect you’ll discover something here that will tickle your ears or make a great holiday gift for someone special, even if that someone special is you.

Without further ado, my favorite albums of 2014…


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D’Angelo – Live @ Sao Paulo Free Jazz Festival In Brazil (full concert) Voodoo Tour

As we fully immerse ourselves into D’Angelo season following the release of his latest project, Black Messiah, we felt it would be nice to take a look back and share a few full concerts that we felt were worth checking out.  Peep this amazing show from Sao Paulo, Brazil a few years back. Read more of this post

Samuel L. Jackson #ICantBreathe Song Challenge Instructions + Lyrics @samuelljackson #GetInvolved

Many of you have heard about the ALS-styled challenge to celebrities issued by the awesome Samuel Jackson. Peep his video challenge and the lyrics and then make your own video in support of the movement against police brutality.  Be sure to post on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #ICan';t Thank you to soulhead contributor Yvorn “Doc” Aswad for making it happen as well as soulhead Kalenah Witcher! Let’s motivate y’all! Read more of this post

D’Angelo – Black Messiah Lyric Sheet

Not saying you really need this (not), but….ENJOY! lol.

Side A
Ain’t That Easy
1000 Deaths
The Charade
Sugah Daddy
Really Love

Side B
Back to the Future (Part I)
Till It’s Done (Tutu)
Betray My Heart
The Door
Another Life

Prince – Don’t Let Him Fool Ya (1982) Unreleased Track FULL STREAM + DOWNLOAD

We are loving this recently leaked unreleased 1982 track from our favorite.  It features slinky synth chords and a nice mid tempo beat reminiscent of the period.  Enjoy. Read more of this post

D’Angelo & “Brown Sugar”/The Making of a Classic Single by Michael A. Gonzales @thedangelo @gonzomike @AliShaheed

D’Angelo & “Brown Sugar”/The Making of a Classic Single

by Michael A. Gonzales

When word began to spread on Friday afternoon that everybody’s favorite arty soul man D’Angelo would be previewing his new album Black Messiah a few days later at an afternoon listening session in New York City, fans like myself became excited. There are times when even a burned-out music scribes such as myself are forced to shed our icy exteriors, crack a smile and get with the heat. After waiting for what has felt like forever, the tides of soul had turned and the former titled James River was finally here. Calling my closet friends, I was spreading the news as though I had stock in the record.

However, the following day when the new song (which blogs were reporting was a single, although it’s not) “Sugah Daddy” was unveiled, I wasn’t really sure what to think. While the strangeness of the song sounded like a funky experiment in that cool keyboard, hot horns Sly Stone/Prince b-side kind of way, I’ll save my final opinion until I hear “Sugah Daddy” within the context of the album. Read more of this post

#LongPlayLove: The Clash’s London Calling – Celebrating 35 Years by Justin Chadwick @TheClash

IMAGE_soulhead_long_play_love_the_clash_london_calling_12_14_79-2Happy 35th Birthday to The Clash’s London Calling, originally released December 14, 1979.

Arguably the quintessential musical portrait of late 20th century urban life in London, The Clash’s third album is a thrilling kaleidoscope of varied sounds and styles, from punk to rock to ska to reggae to jazz and pop. In theory, blending such a motley mixture of musical ingredients into one stew may seem like a recipe for a hodge-podge disaster of an album. But in this case, the band’s ambition and experimentation that extended well beyond their punk rock pedigree pays off in a big way. The double-album never sounds cobbled together or disjointed, instead it’s one of the most cohesive and invigorating listening experiences you’ll ever lay your ears on. Read more of this post

[REPOST] Predicting the Next Pop Hit : The Shazam Effect @TheAtlantic @NewsHour @DKThomp

Predicting the Next Pop Hit : The Shazam Effect

Predicting the Next Pop Hit : The Shazam Effect

Generally speaking, humans like to pride ourselves on being individualistic. We like to think that we are clever enough and independent enough to have our own tastes and our own original perspectives. But that is not so true with this latest article from The Atlantic. Written by senior editor Derek Thompson, this piece explores how record labels are able to track trends to discover what makes a pop hit. Using the popular music app “Shazam”, this is a key example of how technology has shifted the music culture of today.

A lot of thoughts can be generated by this. Is this why genre lines are being blurred? Is this why it’s hard to differentiate a Katy Perry song from a Rihanna piece? And what does this mean for new artists trying to break into the industry? Soul artists? Read the full article below and check out the PBS Newshour Video to also learn more about “The Shazam Effect”.
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Gilles Peterson + Ron Trent Brownswood Basement Interview @gillespeterson @djrontrent @adrianloving

We are super excited that soulhead contributor Adrian Loving hipped us to this amazing interview between two of our favorites, Gilles Peterson and house music pioneer Ron Trent.  Killer stuff here.

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Diamond District – March on Washington Redux STREAM @oddissee @mellomusicgroup

Much love and respect to Oddisee, Diamond District, Mello Music Group and legendary producers Diamond D and Large Professor among others for putting together this insane work.  For music fans that are tired of much of the garbage on the radio, this is truly refreshing. Mixing genuine skills with amazing, boom bap inspired beats, this is a must listen.  Forget Wale, these cats are putting the District of Columbia on the proverbial hip hop map.  These cats are really putting in quality work and it seems that they just keep getting better. Super job guys.

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J. Cole Just Proved He is the Most “Bout It” Rapper of The Day. [LIVE PERFORMANCE] @JColeNC @Letterman

J. Cole Just Proved He is the Most Bout It Rapper

J. Cole Just Proved He is the Most “Bout It” Rapper of The Day

Last night the 21st century rapper on the vanguard J. Cole performed on David Letterman. Whereas he is in the circuit right now advertising his latest album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, he took to the stage to perform his uplift song “Be Free”. Covered extensively here on soulhead.com, we were curious as to how a live performance of the song would handle the interlayed live interview from Ferguson, MO. He made the choice to add a new, and biting, verse to the song that served to break down the respectability politics of established Black leaders. Easily an iconic performance, J.Cole just proved that above all things, he wants Black liberation.
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[REPOST] NPR 2014 Mixtape – R&B @npr

From NPR.org:
We made you a mixtape. A really long mixtape. In the past, we’ve kept this list, of our favorite songs of the year, to 100 songs. A nice, round, semi-arbitrary number that always meant leaving out dozens of our favorites. Read more of this post

Big Gipp – Mr. Get Down MIXTAPE [FULL STREAM] @GippGoodie

Peep this new joint from Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp! Tell us what you think in the comments! Read more of this post

Soul Therapy – Al Green Performs on Late Show with David Letterman [FULL VIDEO] @Letterman

Soul Therapy - Al Green Performs on Late Show with David Letterman

Soul Therapy – Al Green Performs on Late Show with David Letterman

There are plenty of reasons to have the blues this time of year. Go ahead and let yourself breathe a little easier with this rendition of the great soul king Al Green singing his hit jams “Tired of Being Alone” and “Let’s Stay Together“. Just as forceful and smooth as ever, Rev. Green brings the power and stirs up all of the feel goods in your soul!
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Long Play Love: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme Celebrating 50 Years by Justin Chadwick

IMAGE_soulhead_long_play_love_john_coltrane_a_love_supreme_12_09_64-2Happy 50th Birthday to John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, originally recorded December 9, 1964.

For the jazz-obsessed crate-diggers among us, one of the greatest pleasures in discovering an LP is studying the supporting personnel typically outlined on the album’s back cover. Without ever hearing the record itself, if you identify that the support group is comprised of top-notch players, you take your chances, hand over your Andrew Jackson – give or take a few dollars – and are rewarded for your leap of faith much more often than not. Read more of this post

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