Prince – Art Official Age Album Review by Ericka Blount Danois @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @ErickaBlount

By Ericka Blount Danois

There was a moment last year when I knew things had changed. Prince, infamously narcissistic, was on the Arsenio Hall show, contemplative, talking about wanting to teach musicians, and joking with the audience. It was alternately a revelation and a reeling disappointment. Suddenly, after years of avoiding the press or giving non-interviews where reporters weren’t allowed to take notes or record him, he was talking, introspective, effusive even. The thrill was gone. I was actually getting to know the once mercurial, enigmatic Prince–as a person. I was, dare I say, bored. Read more of this post

The Rooks Bring New Blood to Old Soul at NYC’s Mercury Lounge CONCERT RECAP by @KerikaFields @tweetGMT @ggordon89 @therooksband [VIDEO]

By Kerika Fields

On Saturday September 27, 2014 The Rooks took the stage at NYC’s Mercury Lounge and did the almost impossible: They convinced this cynic that the next generation of musicians is keeping good, pure soul music alive, one song at a time.

With Garth Taylor slaying songs on vocals, Gabe Gordon killing it on keys, Louis Russo grooving on bass, Graham Richman getting down on guitar, Spencer Hattendorf doing some backup singing and slaying the sax, and Nate Mondschein doing the damn thing on the drums, The Rooks showed and proved that listening to their mom and dad’s records have really rubbed off. Read more of this post

[REPOST] XXL’s A Great Day in Hip Hop : 16 Years Later @gonzomike @RBMA @XXL

XXL's A Great Day in Hip Hop : 16 Years Later

XXL‘s A Great Day in Hip Hop : 16 Years Later

If anybody has seen Art Kane‘s “A Great Day in Harlem“, then you know how striking the image is. Seeming like a great coming together of some of the best of the genre, it’s a powerful image. Michael Gonzales recalls the recreation of the same photo in “A Great Day in Hip Hop”. It was 1998 when it was decided that as Art Kane was for jazz, XXL should do for hip-hop. Here’s the article introduction
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We are incredibly excited this week with Prince dropping 2 albums. Although we can’t be in Minneapolis, we know the listening party at Paisley Park this evening will be amazing. Read more of this post

Where I’m From – Mini-Documentary Series from JAY-Z’s Life+Times [FULL VIDEO] @S_C_ @DJMustard

Where I'm From - Mini-Documentary Series

Where I’m From – Mini-Documentary Series from JAY-Z’s Life+Times

The media mogul Mr. Carter has partnered with Vitamin Water to release a mini-documentary series that details the lives of young hip-hop starts. The focus on this episode is DJ Mustard, the LA based producer. DJ Mustard’s name seems synonymous now with modern pop culture hip-hop. In this short flick, Mustard discusses his work ethic, which is way in elevating his status and name to a ubiquitous stature.
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Start Your Morning Right – “Walter’s Call” by Swindle [FULL SONG] @swindle

Start Your Morning Right - Walter's Call by Swindle

Start Your Morning Right – “Walter’s Call” by Swindle

This is something that you do not hear everyday. Quite literally, Swindle is redefining jazz. By keeping the bedrock staples (a trumpet, a bass) Swindle is an artist that is incorporating a whole slew of experimental sounds into his records to make something that is once new-age and yet entirely classic. Another production of Brownswood Records, you know that this song is a going to be a rare gem. Listen to this electro-fused jazz number in all of it’s glory below. Trust, you will have no need for your morning coffee after this!
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KING Performs the Electric “Supernatural” [FULL VIDEO]

KING Performa the Electric Supernatural

KING Performs the Electric “Supernatural”

It’s been three years since this trio first came under the recognition of Prince. Sisters Paris and Amber Strother and partner Anita Bias make up the soulful group known as KING. Their song “Supernatural” is said to have been the recording that Prince heard one day and prompted him to reach out to the women of the band. A soulhead Top 20 Artist to Watch in 2014, this recording is special and melodic. Watch the video below the jump.
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[REPOST] Andre 3000 – “You Can Do Anything from Atlanta” @OutKast @NPRHipHop

Andre 3000 - You Can Do Anything from Atlanta

Andre 3000 – “You Can Do Anything from Atlanta”

Stop the presses: Andre 3000, half of the genius OutKast, is on NPR’s Microphone check and is talking musical history! On subject’s spanning from producing Aretha Franklin’s new album, covering Prince songs and representing Atlanta hard, Andre 3000 is a modern soul gem. Here’s the intro to the piece.

Andre 3000 — née André Benjamin, sometimes Three Stacks and always one half of the mighty OutKast — sat down with Microphone Check hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley before a screening of the just-released Jimi Hendrix biopic in which he stars. He spoke about his current work with the Queen of Soul, how and why OutKast and the Dungeon Family 20 years ago put the city of Atlanta on their backs and what young musicians now can learn from his group’s early days. Tonight OutKast begins a three-night stand in their hometown, after which they’ll continue a months-long festival tour.

Listen to the full interview below.

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Danity Kane Returns With a Pop-Ready “Rhythm of Love” [FULL STREAM] @danitykane

Danity Kane Returns with a Pop-Ready Rhythm of Love

Danity Kane Returns With a Pop-Ready “Rhythm of Love”

There is much awry in the world of Danity Kane, and yet their music lives on! The girls band that originally rose to prominence in 2005 under the tutelage of Diddy, has long since parted ways from Bad Boy Records. And while the group has had some shake ups over the years, three members remained to comprise a new rendition of the band DK3. Unfortunately, just earlier this month the band decided to officially dismember for good. That said, they still have music hot off the presses! “Rhythm of Love” is a pop-oriented song, that plays to the niche the ladies always had. Check it out below for nostalgia’s sake of the band that was once our collective TV obsession.
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Prince and Kendrick Lamar Collab. Really? @3rdeyegirl @3rdeyeboy @kendricklamar


According to Vibe, two of our favorite artists, Prince and Kendrick Lamar may be gearing up for some kind of collaboration.  Apparently, Kendrick will be in Minneapolis at the same time Prince will be releasing his forthcoming new LPs.    The word on the street (or at least on is that the two may be planning on getting together to make some music.   Read more of this post

Which of The 3 New Mary J. Blige Songs Released Today from Her London Sessions Project Do You Like the Most? @MaryJBlige

We have been following Mary’s recent projects in London with a host of artists including Sam Smith, Emili Sande’ and many others.  From the sound of these three new tracks,”Therapy” and “Whole Damn Year” and “Right Now”, the Yonkers, NY bred soul and R&B singer is taking her signature vocal stylings to a new level.   We love how she is singing but a bit concerned about how she is feeling on the inside, especially after hearing the lyrics to “Right Now.”   Overall, our favorite is a tie between “Right Now” and “Therapy”. Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

PRE-ORDER Mary J Blige – The London Sessions


Whole Damn Year

Right Now

The Full Luke James Album is Here! [FULL STREAM] @whoisLukeJames

The Full Luke James Album is Here

The Full Luke James Album is Here!

Yes, after all of this time, our Top Artist to Watch of 2014 has alas released his new album. Luke James, for those still figuring out who he is, is a NOLA-bred, turned LA-transplant who is literally breathing fresh air into R&B. After being the headliner for the internationally celebrated Mrs. Carter Show, Luke James has been steadily plucking away at his new album. The man who brought us 2012’s genius EP Whispers in the Dark, has now released his first solo album, which is self-titled. At the start of the summer, we gave you his song “Options” which was sung masterfully and featured a verse from Uncle Rick Ross. The album itself is sparing of any duets or features, and frankly we are glad for it. That just means more of the voice of the man that reminds of Marvin Gaye of this day and age.

Stream the full album below. And don’t stop there- go buy it too!
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Kendrick Lamar Freestyle Flow on Big Boy’s Neighborhood [FULL VIDEO] @kendricklamar @BigBoy

Kendrick Lamar Freestyle Flow on Big Boy's Neighborhood

Kendrick Lamar Freestyle Flow on Big Boy’s Neighborhood

Hip hop’s darling boy is seemingly everywhere. With the release of his newest single “i”, this next act of his career is poised to make as much a splash as his first official album, good kid, m.A.A.d CityDuring his world premiere of the new single, he came by the Power 106 studio to hang with Big Boy and the neighborhood. Hopping on the mic for some freestyle fun, Kendrick shows off how easy-natured he is. He even got Big Boy to get on the mic, as the alleged “ghost writer” of Kendrick (all in jest, of course!) Watch the video and hear the flow below.
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[REPOST] It’s Finally Time to Stop Caring About Lauryn Hill @DeathStripMall @medium

It's Finally Time to Stop Caring About Lauryn Hill

It’s Finally Time to Stop Caring About Lauryn Hill

This is a pretty indicting article! Cuepoint writer Stefan Schumacher makes a pretty serious case for why our cultural fixation with Lauryn Hill must end. As he deconstructs the nearly two decades (it’s been that long!) since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released, Schumacher points to how for all of Hill’s talents in her heyday, she has significantly depreciated as an artist. Schumacher wants us to be comfortable in accepting this, instead of anticipating Hill’s return with messianic fervor.

In some ways we agree with Schumacher- we should know when to say an era has passed. In other ways, we disagree- afterall, we DO still hope for another OutKast album AND they, in fact, did continue to make great music even after Aquemini.

Tell us what you think. And read the full article below the jump.
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Kendrick Preaches Self Love – Listen to “i” [NEW SONG FULL STREAM] @kendricklamar

Kendrick Preaches Self Love - Listen to i

Kendrick Preaches Self Love – Listen to “I”

It is finally here! With rumors swirling in the past few weeks about the release of a new track, Kendrick Lamar has alas released his first single for his sophomore album. “I” finds our hero Kendrick, after his prominent launch to stardom, being hailed by a preacher as not just a rapper but a writer. And in Kendrick’s brilliance, he lets it be known “I love myself”. Partially on the surface an ode to self-love and self-care, this is a song about unrelenting perseverance. And the filthy Isley Brothers sample isn’t bad either. Stream the full song below the jump.
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Mary J Blige Interviews With the Breakfast Club [FULL VIDEO] @breakfastclubam @maryjblige

Mary J Blige Interviews With the Breakfast Club

Mary J Blige Interviews With the Breakfast Club

The Queen of Hip Hop soul still reigns supreme. Stopping by  Power 105.1, Mary J. Blige discussed the changes in her life. Coming with a new album and a new label, she is doing an international take on soul. Official making the London Takeover of R&B real, her new album is entitled The London Sessions. Speaking to the familiarity that the new London soul vibes give, her take is one that we have noted on soulhead: London based artists are channeling old school soul in a mighty way. In addition to the promise of the new album, Blige does the regular gossip and fun talking the Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. Watch the full interview below.
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Bipolar Sunshine Gleams on “Future” – ft Goldlink [FULL STREAM] @bipolarsunshine @GoldLink

Bipolar Sunshine Gleams on Future - ft Goldlink

Bipolar Sunshine Gleams on “Future” – ft Goldlink

Talk about the nexus of soul, electric, hip-hop, and indy! Bipolar Sunshine has it all. But, of course, with a name like that what do you expect- the man is far from normal! A wonderful blend of eclecticism, on first listen of the song you are compelled to dance. But that compulsion swirls into a nostalgiac blast of almost 80s dance music. And then, from nowhere rhymes appear. Bipolar Sunshine is indeed a very talented act. While his future looks “brighter in your eyes”, it’s also bright in ours.
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Stevie Wonder Sings “Happy Birthday” for Jimmy Fallon [FULL VIDEO] @jimmyfallon

Stevie Wonder Sings Happy Birthday for Jimmy Fallon

Stevie Wonder Sings “Happy Birthday” for Jimmy Fallon

Last week was the Tonight Show host’s 40th birthday. This has been a big year for Jimmy Fallon, considering his promotion to Tonight Show host. And since then, as before, he has been a constant source of soulful pop culture for us. In celebrating his 40th, Stevie Wonder comes through, replete with an oversized “Happy Birthday, Jimmy!” sign to sing his signature “Happy Birthday To Ya”. Of course, before Stevie Wonder comes in we wade through an only customary, salacious birthday greeting from movie’s most bromantic couple of them all- James Franco and Seth Rogen. Watch the hilarious video below and wish Jimmy Fallon a happy belated 40th!
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Say That You Remember- Earth, Wind & Fire and the Enduring Power of “September” [REPOST]

Say That You Remember- Earth, Wind, and Fie and the Enduring Power of September

Say That You Remember- Earth, Wind & Fire and the Enduring Power of “September”

NPR is spot on in their analysis- Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” is a quintessential wedding song. The upbeat horns, the falsettos, that incredible drum snap, this song is a perennial not just in those days when summer heat gives way to autumn cool. But a curious aspect of the song is the opening line of “Do you remember, the 21st night of September?” Have you ever wondered why that night? This NPR Morning Edition segment goes into the making of that song. Listen to it below!
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iHeartRadio Music Festival Live Stream

iHeartRadio Music Festival

iHeartRadio Music Festival Live Stream

This weekend is the iHeart Radio Music Festival. Occurring live in Las Vegas from the MGM Grand, the second night of the 2 day concert is getting underway. The festival is a celebration of all things pop culture in music. Of importance to R&B fans is the Usher performance which in ways will be a preview to his Usher Tour. And for the hip-pop fans, Nicki Minaj came through and sang about large snakes.  In order to get the full live stream of the festival as well as to see the other acts from the day, click below the jump to get the link!
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